The Seducer. . . my 3rd confession

Many months had passed since my last failed mission, and we had moved to a new town. One night, after a busy evening of last minute holiday shopping, I decided to stop for a glass of wine before heading home. DH had found a great bar inside of a hotel not too far from our neighborhood, so I figured I'd go there to unwind. I had no hidden agenda or plan that night - I just wanted to relax before going home.
When I arrived, it was clear that this place was uncommonly quiet. I am sure it was due to the fact that it was mid-week right before Christmas. I sat down, ordered a glass of wine, and lit up a cigarette (yes at this point in my life I kept a hidden stash handy in case the mood struck me). I was one of only a handful of patrons for quite a while before a man sat down a few stools away from me at the bar. We sat parallel and rather unaware of each other for a long time before he initiated a conversation with me. I am not even sure I can remember what small talk we exchanged at first. Then it dawned on me... he was flirting with me! Opportunity was sitting right beside me, I had had been totally clueless! DH texted me to see if I was OK. After all, this had been a chance encounter when all I had planned to do was have a drink, and it was getting late. I returned his message, telling him what was happening while my drinking mate was in the restroom. DH's response?... Have fun, but to come home to tell him all about it.

I began to take note of the stranger's appearance and features. He was older, and kind of reminded me of an actor I had always thought was attractive. At some point I felt the wine go to my head, as I allowed him to move closer and talk seductively to me. I returned his flirtatious advances with coy, breathy responses as I batted my eyelashes at The Seducer. He bought more drinks; I began acting bolder. I learned that he was staying at the hotel while in town for business. We shared that we were both married. He asked what DH would think if he knew that I was spending time with another man. Instead of replying, I showed him the text from DH, to which The Seducer just smiled like the Cheshire Cat. I learned that this would not be The Seducer's first extramarital encounter. In fact, he had been with two women at once in a previous escapade. I was intrigued by his history, and leaned in closer to hear every sexy detail. We exchanged light kisses during breaks in our conversation. He whispered compliments into my ear as he guided my hand to his lap, where I discovered that my charm had aroused The Seducer. WOW! What power I suddenly felt! I could not believe that I could evoke this response just by flirting and exchanging double entendres with The Seducer. Of course, he had made the first move, and done most of the wooing while I willingly joined in. I was also feeling aroused, drunk with power and wine! I am sure that I blushed when I realized that I was being seduced and that he wanted to do more than just talk. It was so late, that the bartender had to ask us to leave so he could close up. We walked out toward the hotel lobby, when The Seducer invited me up to his room. I told him that I was not ready to join him upstairs, but I'd be willing to take a walk around for a little while. He agreed, and we walked for a bit. We found ourselves investigating an area undergoing remodeling. It was to be a swanky ultra lounge, and it was equipped with posh booths and chairs. Once inside, The Seducer backed me against a wall, and proceeded to kiss me with strength and passion. I was taken aback, but enjoyed the kiss and kissed back with eagerness. I could not believe what was happening! I was caught up in a whirlwind of seduction, as his hands moved under my sweater to feel my breasts. I let go of what little inhibition I had left and allowed my hands to explore his body. The Seducer moved me to a chair and knelt before me. We kissed and groped like teenagers. Before I knew it, The Seducer had undone my pants to gain access to my wet and sensitive region. He was kissing my neck and breasts while he stimulated me below the belt. I, in turn, reached down to feel his hardness, which was ready to burst out of his jeans. He unzipped his jeans so that I could pleasure him better. We briefly discussed that fact that neither of us had a condom, so mutual masturbation would have to suffice. I was so caught up in the moment that I was startled when I realized that I was cheating on DH. I allowed myself to get swept back into the heat of passion as The Seducer and I continued to kiss and pleasure each other. When it was all over, and The Seducer had walked me to my car, I felt surprisingly good, yet suddenly guilty, for fooling around with another man.

Feeling dazed and shaky, I drove home. It was very early in the morning, but DH was awake and waiting for me. I was afraid to get too close to DH, for fear that he would regret having given me the idea and permission to explore fantasies with another man. DH later told me that I had a look of fire and fear in my eyes when I got home. He asked me to tell him what happened at the bar. As we had agreed upon, I told him every detail. We had hot, passionate, amazing sex for many nights after my night of extramarital fun. In the days that followed that encounter, I found it hard to concentrate on mundane daily life. My mind often wondered back to the dark room at the hotel where I had allowed another man, a complete stranger, to touch me and bring me to climax.

The Seducer will forever live in my mind, and DH and I talk about him, and that night, when we want to heat things up between the sheets. So much for my average marriage and being a goody-two-shoes... I am an adulteress (with permission) now...

Post Script: Diane Lane portrayed my feelings after that night quite well in the train scene from Unfaithful ...

The Nerd . . . my 2nd confession

Well, after having a preview at what might be out there and available to me, I admit that my sense of curiosity was aroused.

So one night after a work related function, I decided to drive around town a little to see where I might find some action. Mind you, I had not been out on the dating scene for more than five years. I had no idea what the bar/club scene was like for a woman like me looking for a man to play with. I drove around and around looking for someplace, and trying to get up my nerve to actually go to a club. Last time I had been out with the girls, but tonight I was flying solo. I eventually picked a place that looked busy and fun. I was shocked to find I had to pay a cover charge! I thought most places let ladies in for free - oh well. I paid and walked the perimeter to survey my options. Before I even had a chance to make my way to the bar, I was confronted by a young man who immediately struck up a conversation with me about nothing at all. He seemed awkward and nerdy, but when he asked if I needed a drink I decided to stick around for a bit. He flagged down a cocktail server so I could order, but then made no attempt to pay for my drink. I had to buy my own cocktail! Was chivalry dead? What happened to the art of picking up a woman? So, I bought my drink and once again looked around the place, hoping to lock eyes with a guy who would see the look of desperation on my face and rescue me from this inept Nerd. No luck. I was dumbfounded when The Nerd made a quick jerking motion toward me that landed a messy, lazy kiss on my lips. THIS WAS NOT WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!

I was too polite to run away, so I asked a woman nearby for a cigarette, hoping that The Nerd was a nonsmoker, who would be repelled by such a nasty habit. While it did not scare him off completely, it did put some distance between us, and I was able to feign a phone call on my phone, telling him that my friend was out in the parking lot waiting for me to go to another bar. I escaped without too much trauma to my wallflower-like ego.

I returned home to DH, who had not known of my last minute plan to search for some fun, with no tantalizing story to tell. No heightened sexual escapade for us that night. Maybe this whole idea was a bust, after all, I am a just a good girl who always plays by the rules...


The Dirty Dancer. . . my 1st confession

The suggestion of extramarital activities became the topic of our between the sheets dirty talk for quite a while. It added a little heat to our already satisfying love life.

And then there was a night out with the girls in honor of someone's birthday. I got all gussied up, and even tried to look a little extra sexy. With DH's approval I wore CFM heels and bared my cleavage. He told me I looked hot on my way out the door, and told me to have fun, with a wink and a smile. I knew what he meant.

The girls and I had dinner, accompanied by a fair amount of celebratory drinks. After dinner we moved the party next door to a dance club. On our way there, we stopped in the parking lot for a smoke and sips of Patron from a flask. (I know, kind of juvenile, but cheaper the the shots inside!) Once inside we all had fun, and I consumed more liquid courage as I began to take note of the men in the club. I took a break to have another cigarette outside (something I only do after having a few drinks) and enjoyed a flirtatious conversation with a man who looked a little bit like Mr. Clean. I began to entertain thoughts of what could happen with Mr. Clean if I allowed myself to take DH up on his naughty suggestion. While I was caught up in these thoughts, Mr. Clean's attention was diverted by a hot, confident, curvy club-goer. There went that opportunity.

I later found myself separated from my friends, and dancing with a stranger. Dancing quite seductively, too. Dirty dancing in a way that DH and I never danced. And then it happened. The Dirty Dancer kissed me. I think I kissed back. I know The Dirty Dancer pulled me in to grind a little harder. The rest of the details from the club are a little hazy... maybe too much tequila clouds my memory... that, and the fact that nearly 5 years have passed since that mildly naughty encounter. Nothing serious happened. Just a dirty dance and a kiss. I think one of my friends saw what happened, but she has never said anything (too polite, I guess). In the end, I must admit, I liked it. I liked the feel of a stranger's hand pulling me in closer. I liked the feel of his breath on my neck. I liked being kissed my a man other than DH. I had done it. I tried a little extramarital fun, and I liked it.

I went home to find DH awake, waiting on the couch for me, watching adult entertainment on cable. He was eager to find out if I had indeed been naughty. I shared with him the story of my brief, yet thrilling encounter. Don't forget, DH had given me permission to be play outside of our marriage as long as I was open and honest about anything I did. I told him about The Dirty Dancer, the grinding, the hand on my butt, and finally, the kiss. What followed was a night of passion like we had not experienced in a long time. It was hot, tantalizing, powerful and all inspired by The Dirty Dancer.

And don't forget, this is coming from a self proclaimed goody-two-shoes who always plays by the rules...

A little more history...

Midway into my marriage, my darling husband and I started to tell tales and talk dirty in the bedroom to add some spice to our romantic times. DH began to ask me about previous lovers and situations. Truth be told, I only had 2 juicy stories to tell, but they were enough to kick things up a notch in bed for a while. We also reminisced about the time I went topless on our honeymoon, and the time I was so drunk and horny that I was removing my clothes as we approached our front porch after a night of cosmopolitans.

But then, one night I mentioned an innocent story about The One I wished I had lost my virginity to. The One I fantasized about for years while I pleasured myself. The One who never was... DH asked me what I would do if I ever ran into him (we still lived in the general vicinity of one another). I don't remember how I answered his question, but I do recall him telling me that it would be OK with him if I explored some of my unanswered questions and fantasies should I ever meet up with The One again.

What? An extramarital affair? DH told me that as long as I promised to be honest and open about extramarital activities, it was fine with him, even encouraged by him. I was shocked, flustered and sure I would never explore the naughty suggestion made by DH.

Remember, I told you I was a goody-two-shoes...


Confessions of a suburban wife...

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a suburban wife.

There, I said it. How hum-drum does that sound? A suburban wife. Based on the title of my blog I bet you are shocked by this fact.

I have been married for more than 10 years, and I am a mother. My dating and martial histories are pretty average. Growing up I was a wallflower and a late bloomer. Even as an adult, I think I am pretty forgettable. I have no exciting dating stories to tell (well, maybe just one or two) and the details of my marriage are nothing out of the ordinary. Don't get me wrong, I adore my husband and children, but I lead the life of a typical suburban working wife.

I work at a typical job from 8-5, and feel guilty for staying longer because the kids are in daycare. I take work home to finish because I am a dutiful employee who is intimidated my my boss. I am too much of a goody-two-shoes to rebel against aforementioned boss . Oh sure, I complain and vent to coworkers, but in the end, when Boss says "Jump.", I ask "How High?". I play by all the rules for fear of karma coming back to get me.

OK, thus far I have told you two key qualities about myself that have led to the following confessions:
1. I am a goody-two-shoes.
2. I am married with a typical marital history.

Read on for the mildly risque details of my confessions...