Musings and confessions of another kind

As any of DH's regular readers know, he is out of town for a bit.
And though I wish I had a "while the cat's away the mouse will play" confession to share with you, I do have some other stuff to share.

You see, I am at home with our youngest child, because he is not a very good traveler. Just ask any of the other passengers on our transcontinental flight last July, and they can testify to this fact. So instead, I am relaxing and spending time with my child during the day. By night, once he is soundly asleep, I have time on my hands.
I could do something productive such as clean out my closet... nah.
I could do something intellectual such as read my new library books... maybe later.

So, how am I spending my evenings? Well, blogging (of course) and surfing other blogs (naturally), and in general spending too much time on the web. But when I turn out the lights, I have been pleasuring myself with my pretty pink sex toy. I confess, I have been masterbating.

To get in the mood Monday night I poured a generous, cool glass of Bailey's Irish Cream and took my laptop out to the patio (gotta love wireless!) to peruse more craigslistings. But they just didn't do it for me. So I finished my drink and my cigarette (yet another confession - I pulled out my secret stash of smokes!), brought the laptop in, undressed, and hopped into bed. Out of nowhere, I started fantasizing about having an encounter with a UPS delivery man! Well, maybe it was inspired in part by something I read on someone's blog or a hot wife forum. Anyway, I thought about how I could lure him into my home and eventually fuck him while DH was upstairs listening. I got quite turned on thinking about this, and my pretty pink toy made me feel very good! I held the tip of it against the hood of my clit to get warmed up. Then I used my hand to gently massage my outer lips before I sampled the wet folds within. I was ready to slide the bulbed head of the gently vibrating toy into my warm pussy. My pretty pink toy is equipped with a cute little butterfly that is positioned just right to flutter against my waiting clit and bring me to orgasm... ahh...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It is Wednesday now, the sun has set, & my little one is tucked in. Here I am again, on the patio, blogging while I listen to the sounds of nature; crickets chirping, leaves rustling in the breeze, the kids out for summer break playing ball in the street, a car alarm sounding off, a distant motorcycle revving up... oh wait, I said sounds of nature... you get the idea. Beside me is a bottle of Patron Platinum Tequila and some slices of lime... yum! (oh my, where did that pack of cigarettes come from?)

On a side note, today I got a little bit of bad news, so I am wallowing in loneliness and a bit of depression. I am hoping that the tequila will erase some of these feelings, and send waves of relaxation over me so that I can once again slide my naked body under the sheets and drift back to my fantasy of the UPS man ringing my doorbell and telling me that he has a special package for me...



Musing: Craigslist email

Remember my wine-induced craigslist post? Well, the man that I replied to and I have exchanged a few follow up emails. Here is a snippet of a message in which he gives his point if view.
(slightly edited for grammar and clarification)

A message from the craigslist man: "I had never posted on craigslist before, at least not looking
for a romance/casual sex friend for the evening. Most of the responses were from 'professional women' but a few weren't. I had a very disappointing date and went back to the hotel alone.

The 30 something woman I met was quite different from what I was expecting. Turns out she lived with her mom and was hoping to find her soul mate, and even if she wanted to have sex with me, it was just too creepy.

When I logged into my email, I had an inquiry from a very mysterious lady. When she shared her blog with me in the email, I was blown away. It was so hot! I must admit it made for some pretty good fantasy material as I spent that night alone. I couldn't get her out of my head. I was hard most of the flight home the next morning. I thought 'I have to make contact with this woman.' It would be a couple months before I returned, so I read suburbanwifeblogger frequently to see what she was up to and left some feedback. Plus the links to so many other hotwives made for some great fantasies. The one thing I knew is that I would do my best to make her the center of attention if we ever did meet and so she could get what she deserved, unlike the selfish man she had been with."

So, what do you think?