Afternoon delight ...a confession of another kind

Boy, did DH score last Tuesday afternoon!

I watched a video on another blog Tuesday morning that inspired me to practice my oral skills. There was something about the woman that called me to action. You see, I guess I should also confess that blowjobs are not my specialty (my head hung low and blushing). I receive way more than I give in the oral department. Thankfully DH enjoys pleasuring me that way, and I love every minute of it.

So, back to Tuesday afternoon. While one child was napping, and the other was visiting a friend, DH and I found ourselves at home together in the middle of the day. We retreated to the bedroom and I shared the video with him as I undressed. He asked why I liked it so much. Well, unlike the porn I've watched on cable, the man's dick was prominently featured, and it was of a nice size. Also, the woman seemed to really enjoy sucking cock. In addition, I liked seeing it all through the man's point of view - something new for me, a woman.

So, while the video was playing, I began to massage DH's thighs and dick through his pants. I was thinking about how pleased he'd be once he realized what I wanted. I wanted to suck him off. Now. DH removed his pants, and I resumed rubbing his cock through his boxers. Soon I reached in the opening and pulled his dick out to play. I began to lick and tease his head with my tongue while gently holding his balls and the base of his cock. Next I opened wider to take more of him into my mouth. Now as I mentioned, I am not so skilled when it comes to blowjobs, so I began to emulate what I'd seen in the video, which seemed to please DH. I was kneeling in a position that allowed me to look up to DH's face as I licked and sucked him. I was also situated in a way that gave DH access to my ass and naughty bits. His fingers soon discovered how wet and turned on I was. Before I knew it he was sliding two fingers in and out of me, nearly distracting me from my mission. His moans reminded me to focus, so I took his cock into my mouth deeper, a new feat for me. After some time, he began to talk about how close he was to cumming, so I sucked more and tried to use my tongue to tantalize him to orgasm. I knew my mission was accomplished when I tasted his cum.

I relaxed on my back next to DH, and he was kind enough to return the oral favor.

It was a delightful afternoon, if I do say so myself!


Two ships that pass in the night

Yes, I am back, but I have been busy with visiting family. Sorry for the delay in new posts, and thanks to those who emailed me to see if I was still around!

DH and I usually work opposite schedules, so I frequently refer to us as two ships that pass in the night. Well, last week our ships collided with erotic passion...

Wednesday night I slipped my pink toy beneath my pillows with plans of solo play at bed time since DH was working a late shift. I guess I was more tired than I realized from my travels, because I went to sleep without playing with pinky, which stayed tucked behind the pillows for another time. Thursday night was very warm, and I crawled into bed wearing only panties and my unbuttoned PJ top on so that I could enjoy the breeze created by the ceiling fan.

Later, once peacefully asleep, I experienced erotic visions and sensations in my dreams. I envisioned bare legs entwined and sensual massages. I heard soft moans and gasps of pleasure. These delightful sensations went on for a short while before I became aware that I was not dreaming. I felt a hand tracing a light trail up my thigh to my hips and then up to my shoulder and back down again where it gently massaged my ass. These pleasing touches continued for a while as I began to stir and make soft sounds of pleasure. I felt a body spooning behind me as a hand reached around to cup my breast and tease my nipple. All the while I kept my eyes closed, as if to continue in my erotic dream-like state, and I voiced my approval with more breathy gasps and soft moans. I felt a hand slide down my stomach to explore the area beneath my sheer panties. I moved my leg to allow him better access. I wanted to feel his fingers part my lips and tease my clit. My unspoken wish was granted, and I felt fingers discover how wet and worked up I had gotten during my erotic dream and sensual massage. My companion in the darkness slid his fingers over my mound, making me writhe and twist, when suddenly I heard the familiar buzz of my pink toy. He held the vibrating toy against my clit, nearly sending me over the edge. I spread my legs open wide, silently begging for more. He sat up between my knees and expertly fucked me with my pretty pink toy, varying speed and hardness of his plunges. I could barely control my bucking pelvis. I felt strong spasms shake my entire body with orgasmic pleasure.

Once I caught my breath I returned the favor. He laid on his back, and I cuddled close enough to reach out and touch the growing bulge within his boxers. I rubbed and massaged his cock, and eventually freed it from the confines of the fabric so I could see his erect organ and feel the bulbed head in my grasp. I milked the cum from his cock, granting him the same release of orgasm as he had bestowed on me. We embraced for a little while longer before either one of us uttered a word, breaking the silence. I whispered a welcome home, then we drifted off to sleep, still feeling relaxed.
It was indeed a hot encounter, as two ships collided in the night.