Reflections... on this blog & my journey this far

Dear Readers,
I apologize for the lack of posts recently. I had some time off a few weeks ago before transferring to a new department at work, which allowed me time to enjoy and write about my Afternoon Delight, and practice my oral skills with DH and The Pilot. Now, I am settling into my new role at work, learning new policies and procedures, as well as getting to know my new clients. My return to work coincided with the shout out from Fleshbot, and now a link on Love Boudoir.
I hope my new readers will continue to check back for future confessions. I blog about my confessions in real time, which means that I go out in search of playmates when life allows. As a working mother, I have to make sure that my hotwife endeavors do not compromise my family or my job performance. I am hopeful that my new position at work will not be as stressful as my previous role (something that I never really blogged about, but I was very unhappy in my old department). DH has a new job, too. So far, our new schedules are better, and we are enjoying more time together, rather than acting like two ships that pass in the night.

Last night, I went out in hopes of finding a playmate, but came home without a confessions to share. As I sipped my wine, I enjoyed thinking about previous successful hotwife nights. The Seducer will always be a fond memory, as he was the one who really initiated me into this lifestyle, although he will never know it. Our passionate encounter turned me on more than I ever though possible in regards to extramarital activities. I wish I had paid more attention to things, like the color of his eyes and the size of his cock. I was so excited by the events as they happened, that I neglected to take the time to commit all the details to my memory. I do remember feeling surprised that I was actually flirting with and kissing another man. I also remember feeling shocked when he took my hand and placed it on the growing bulge in his jeans. When we talked, there was a mutual connection, a sense of naughtiness, and attraction, all of which added to the experience. In retrospect, I wonder if I should have gone to his hotel room... Oh well.
I also thought about The Italian Kisser. Despite the issues I had with him after the fact, I still enjoyed my encounters with him. There was a strong attraction between us, and he took my hotwife cherry. He is the only man that I have been with more than once in my hotwife adventures. As a read back on my first post about him now, I realized that I never fully explained the moniker that I bestowed upon him. The pick up line that he used after he helped to rid me of the annoying old man went something like this: "Have you ever had an Italian Kiss?" I looked at him coyly and asked, "Is that a drink, or are you referring to yourself?" Then of course, as the evening went on, we kissed quite a bit, and it seemed appropriate to to name him The Italian Kisser.
I would be lying if I did not say that I am little disappointed that The Pilot never contacted me after our get together in his truck. I thought about his thick cock for days, no weeks, after sucking him and giving him a hand job. I enjoyed our conversation and our playtime. That encounter left me hungry for more. So hungry in fact, that I have even started checking out Ashley Madison (thanks for the tips, RiffDog!). I have not seriously tried to find a playmate on there, but getting wink messages is entertaining! Should I feel guilty for having a profile there if I am not 100% sure that I want to meet someone face to face?

I have had a few requests for confessions from my pre-hotwifing days. As any of my regular readers know, my early posts explained how vanilla and typical my sex life was. However, there are a few tales to tell, which I would be happy to share if more than just a few fans are curious.

We are both enjoying the hotwife lifestyle more than I ever imagined we would! Thanks to the readers who left comments on an earlier post about their experiences. I enjoy the process of getting ready to go out with hopes of a sexual encounter with a new friend. The thrill of the chase turns me on. The 'newness' factor arouses me. The first look, the first touch, and first kiss ignite something deep inside me. I still can't believe how much DH is turned on by having a hotwife. Honestly, I can't believe how turned on I get from this double life, too.

Well, I have created a random/potpourri post that is equivalent to a sitcom clip show, complete with links to other posts for you to enjoy. I want to thank my loyal readers for coming back even when weeks go by without a new post, and welcome new readers who have found my suburbia via links on other blogs and sites.

Until next time,


Riff Dog said...

"Sitcom clip show" - that cracks me up! Well, some of those actually wind up being pretty good episodes and I like this post too (it's a nice recap,) so I ain't mad atcha.

Plenty of people on AM are just dipping their toes in the water, so don't feel guilty about it. At least you're not posting imaginary girls profiles!

Claire said...

"Imaginary?!?!?!?" Oh my God!!! I am NOT imaginary!!!

Oooooo, he makes me so mad . . .

suburban hotwife said...


Now settle down you two and go to your separate corners. Claire, I know you are real, and I am glad that you stopped by to read my blog. Riff, I knew you would appreciate the clip show reference considering your recent script format.

Thanks for being loyal readers!

Kyra said...

I for one enjoy your posts in whatever frequency. And of course we want to hear your pre-hotwife adventures. That was a rhetorical question, right?

Unbroken said...

Oh! I hope you didn't mind my comment on the last post. I am a new reader and love your adventures. I was just hoping you weren't giving up on writing. You certainly have my attention and I don't mind waiting.

suburban hotwife said...

No worries, unbroken!

I am not planning on giving up on the blog or my hotwife endeavors. I just wanted to explain the reasons for fewer posts lately. This open letter to my readers was actually in the draft stage when you left your last comment. Thanks for reading my confessions!


Playm8 said...

SH - No apologies required. As a fellow parent I can empathize with leading a busy life with kids, so it goes without saying there will be lulls in the frequency of posts. Nevertheless, it's always a joy to read your latest updates, and follow you along on your naughty exploits.

suburban hotwife said...

Kyra- I am working on those confessions for you!

playm8te: thanks for your support and understanding!