2nd Blogoversary!

I cannot believe that 2 years ago I was brave 
enough to begin these chronicles!

What began as a diary of sorts for DH has become so much more.  It is a creative outlet for me, and a place to 'talk' openly about my double life.  I have also been fortunate enough to become friends with many readers and other bloggers, a benefit I never anticipated, but have truly enjoyed!  Many readers remained loyal despite my hiatus and subsequent rants and PSA. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, leave comments and contact me via email!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  

During these past two years I have posted confessions about nine encounters/lovers...
The Dirty Dancer
The Nerd
The Seducer
The Tongue Stud
The Italian Kisser
The Pilot

The Renaissance Man
The Tech Guy
Mrs. UnVanilla

So what do I have in store for 2010?
Well, there are a few hotwife endeavors I have yet to post about, and with 2009 quickly coming to an end, those confessions will have to wait until next year.  Cheers, and Happy New Year!

Mrs. UnVanilla. . . My 11th confession

Things are about to get interesting!!

During our time at the bar, DH was texting both of us to find out how we were and what we were up to.  One of his texts to me read, “You two could always come home and make out by the tree… so festive!” I knew that he was hoping to see a repeat of our kiss months ago.  Shortly after that, she and I bundled up to leave.  As she drove to my neighborhood I invited her in for one more drink, and texted DH to whip up some cocktails.  The drinks were ready when we arrived, and DH had lit candles and the tree was a glow.  The scene was set…

We sat down on the couches and chatted for a while.  DH was the one to get things started by complimenting Mrs. UnVanilla’s lovely cleavage, peeking out from her V-neck sweater.  She proudly thrust her chest out and invited him to touch, which he gladly did.  I scooted closer to them in hopes of getting in on the action.  DH nudged her sweater aside and cupped one of her breasts.  He motioned for me to touch also.  I looked her in the eye for a sign of approval.  Her sexy grin let me know it was OK.  We both enjoyed feeling her breasts and playing with her nipples, and her soft sounds were an indication that she was enjoying the attention.  DH was sitting between us, so he had a good view as she and I leaned in to kiss one another.  Our lips and tongues touched as DH massaged our breasts and rolled our nipples between his fingers.  In tandem they adjusted my blouse and bra so that my ample breasts were accessible through my own V-neck. The feeling of DH cupping and sucking on one breast as she squeezed and massaged the other one was delightful! 

To say that I was turned on would be an understatement!  I boldly shifted my position so that I could take her breast in my mouth.  What fun it was to swirl my tongue around her nipple and feel her full B cups in my hands!  DH was enjoying the sexy show put on before him, but he was respectful of her limits.  He and I kissed with passion as the 3 of us continued to play.  I decided that I wanted to see and touch more of her, so I tugged her sweater off over her head, and her bra flowed suit.  I licked, sucked and squeezed both of her breasts with delight!  There was a subtle and nice pattern of switching back and forth from DH and I focusing all our attention on her, to the two of them touching and sucking my chest.  Two mouths on my breasts at once felt amazing!

I slid my hand over her jean-clad thigh, inching closer and closer to her apex.  I was suddenly consumed with the thought of touching her pink folds.  As the kissing, touching and sucking carried on, my free hand continued to gently rub and squeeze her thighs.  She did not resist.  During a moment when we paused for air, I told her that I wanted to make her cum.  I knew that going any further than we already had would defy Mr. UnVanilla’s wishes, but I said it anyway.  She glanced at the clock and whispered, “I need to go, but you two should keep having fun.”  I protested, but DH helped her stand up and gather her clothes.  He walked her to her car while I waited on the floor by the Christmas tree. 

Just as DH had predicted, it had been fun and festive to make out by the tree, and he and I picked up where the 3 of us left off…

PS: Today marks my 2 year Blogoversary! December has always been a good hotwife month for me... as you will see from my next confession! 


Allow me to introduce you to Mrs. UnVanilla...

Mrs. UnVanilla is a friend of mine.  We met through work, and meet up for dinner and drinks, Pampered Chef parties, and the like.  A few months ago she and her husband invited our family over for a BBQ.  It was the first time the husbands had met, and thankfully they got along well.  DH did not know Mrs. UnVanilla very well up to that point, but in the months since that BBQ we have all enjoyed more outings together. 

Somewhere along the way we learned that Mrs. UnVanilla has a bit of a wild and sexy side, hence her nickname, UnVanilla!  Upon learning about some of her interests and activities, we began to share hints and tidbits of my double life.  Neither side has fully disclosed 100% of their secrets, but we all enjoy exchanging innuendoes on date nights.  Each husband has playfully groped the other’s wife, and she and I both like to flaunt our assets when we go out.

Perhaps I should mention that Mrs. UnVanilla is turned on by women as well as men, and I have recently rediscovered my bi-curious side.  In fact, she is one of the women I kissed a few months back (a scene DH wishes he could have witnessed!). 

She and I made plans to meet for dinner and drinks a few nights ago.  After a hellish week of work and holiday preparations, I was truly looking forward to a fun evening.  It wasn’t long before our conversation turned to sex, and I shared a bit more of my adventures (but not TOO much!).  I learned that although her husband is turned on by her wild side, there are boundaries in place for her.  I can respect those boundaries, but that dashed my hopes of having a partner in crime! 

We both shared that our husbands would be open to a FMF threesome with us.
Hmmm… the possibilities...
...but their boundaries preclude her from playing with a man without Mr. UnVanilla present.  Girl on girl kissing and breast-play are, however, allowed in his absence!

Things are about to get interesting!!


Time out for humor!

I have talked to a few other bloggers about the need for special occasion cards that Hallmark will never make.

For example, wouldn't it be nice to be able to buy and send a card that said...
"Congratulations on having your first threesome!"
"Thank you for sharing your husband's hard cock!"
"Happy Blog-o-versary!"
"I kissed a girl and I liked it. Wanna try it again?"
"You are invited to my orgy!"

someecards offers a wide range of e-cards with inappropriately funny messages, like these, and you can create your own, too!

I know that some of my readers stop by for my smutty intimate sexual confessions, so this one caught my attention-

Oh, and for those of you who were hoping that this new post was going to be one of those smutty intimate sexual confessions, stay tuned...


Musing: How kinky is too kinky for you?

OK, since you are reading my blog, which happens to include sexual content, I am going to say you are at least a little open minded when it comes to sex.  I am still exploring the boundaries of my sexual comfort zone, and while I am not as vanilla as I once was, I would not consider myself kinky.  I own battery operated devices that bring me pleasure, I have kissed women, dabbled in threesomes, been watched by DH as I performed a blowjob, and had sex outside of my marriage.  While these things may push the envelope for some, in my realm they are exciting and racy, but not what I consider kinky.

So why have I asked, how kinky is too kinky for you?

Well, I have been in contact with a fellow I met through Ashley Madison for the past week or so.  He found me, and right off the bat said he thinks I am perfect for him.  My AM profile does not reveal my status as a hotwife.  I prefer to share that detail in person, or at least after getting to know a man via email exchanges and chats.  He sent unsolicited nude photos in his third email to me, and he was overly excited when I revealed during a chat that DH allows and encourages me to seek sexual fun outside of our vows.  Both of these sent little red flags up in my mind, which I am acutely aware of since The Tech Guy, but since his face photo was attractive and he has a sexy accent, I maintained contact with him.

Our emails dwindled a bit after that chat due to busy schedules, so I was blown away when I read a message last night that included a suggestion of incestuous sexual activity. Whoa!  Where did that come from?!?  My impression of him immediately changed from 'eager' to 'too kinky' and I am in the midst of composing a polite yet firm email to tell him that I am no longer interested on meeting him.

So back to my question...  I know that deviant sexual behavior is on the rise (see related article @ ABC news ), but how kinky is too kinky for you?


Kisses: a new confession

I love to kiss.

Part of the thrill of the chase for me is experiencing a new kiss. I enjoy the way a new lover connects their lips to mine for the first time. A good kiss can make the butterflies in my stomach flutter and send a thrilling tingle to my girly bits. A long satisfying kiss that sets the tone and mood is amazing.

Lips parting.
Passion building.
Tongues touching.
Getting lost in the moment.
Feeling them suck on my lower lip.
Capturing their lips in mine playfully.
Each person exploring new sensations as hand begin to roam.

I recently enjoyed such a kiss with a new lover. After a long break from any hotwife fun, I was thrilled to get back in the game! Did I mention that I shared this kiss with another woman? I have toyed with bisexual fantasies for years, but never found a suitable time, place or person with whom to pursue the fantasy. Now that I have, I must be cliché and say this...
"I kissed a girl and I liked it!"

PS: The night after that kiss I kissed another woman. This might be habit forming!


Ashley Madison pitfalls: The Tech Guy... my 10th confession

Last spring, I ventured into the Ashley Madison arena again. My profile had been dark for weeks, but one day I had time on my hands, so I logged into the pretty purple site to see who might be out there. I decided to tweak my preferences and turn-ons and add a picture, on the advice of a kind friend, and then I waited to see who would contact me.

The next time I logged in, the volume of winks, messages, private showcase keys, and priority messages filling my inbox shocked me! (Riff does know his stuff!) I weeded through them all in hopes of finding a gem among them. I replied to The Tech Guy, who would be on my town for work the next week. We exchanged photos, but he was a man of few words - our messages were short (this should have been a red flag!). We made plans to meet at his hotel.

I was extremely nervous, which should have been another red flag, but we chatted and then went to his room. There was no wooing. There were long lulls in conversation. He eventually initiated contact, so I held hope that he'd be good in bed, but we never kissed, which also should have been a red flag, since I usually enjoy kissing a new lover.


It wasn't great sex, but it wasn't awful sex. He enjoyed my enthusiasm as he practiced his oral skills on me, but I was confused when my oral ministries failed. Eventually, The Tech Guy was ready for more, but it was... meh. I did however learn that certain prescribed medications might inhibit a man from reaching orgasm. On the bright side, the hotel room was lovely, and the bed was comfy. I took in many details while he pounded me from behind for what seemed like hours. I even mentally drafted a post about him during the encounter.

The experience was enough to make me take down my AM profile again. I thought it was still dark last June, when I got a lengthy message from The Traveler...

(Curious about my history? 4 old posts have been republished!)


Ashley Madison 101: the plural greeting

Welcome to SuburbanHotwife's seminar for men who are hoping to hook up via AshleyMadison.com!

As my fellow bloggers Hubman and Another Suburban Mom (a sweet swinging couple) can attest, it is all in the introduction. It does not matter if you are a swinger, or looking for a little something on the side, if you don't use the right advertising techniques, you won't get lucky.

Case in point, I don't reply to men to use this in the subject line or begin their letters in the following manner:
"Hi Ladies! I am looking for..."

WRONG! I don't know if you can send an email to the masses when you are a full member on AM, but I for one do not reply to men who lump me into a group of potential lovers. Sure, I know you are probably contacting other women besides me (I do read Riff after all) but why make that fact so evident in your subject line? There is a simple trick known as "copy and paste" that would be handy in a situation like this. I understand that you may not want to take the time and personalize your letter to me to let me know you actually read my profile, even though that would score points with me (that could be a subject of a future seminar!), but a plural greeting will not garner a reply from me.


Thank you!

I am humbled by the warm reception and greetings from many readers and fans! I enjoyed hearing from old cyber friends and meeting new ones. I am still not one hundred percent sure of the direction this blog will take, but after testing the waters, I am wading into the shallow end of this blog-pool. I wish I could tease you with juicy tidbits of an untold hotwife confession, but there are none to tell. Instead, I will share my Ashley Madison pitfalls in upcoming posts. Ladies, you may get a laugh or two from my unsatisfying experiences. Gentlemen, you should have your pen and paper ready to take notes if you are AM members.

In the meantime, I have republished my first 3 posts to provide newcomers with my history and introduction. Happy reading!


Testing the waters...

Ok folks, did your jaw hit the floor when you saw my blog updated on the blogroll you use as your hub for smut? Or better yet, did I knock you off your seat? It would please me to no end to know that more than a few of you are shocked, yet pleased, to see a post from me, even if it is not filled with a risqué confession. Let's just say, I am dipping my toe in the blog waters to see if any of my old fans and cyber friends still remember who I am. (Hint, hint... leave a comment to let me know my endeavors are still worthy of entertaining you!)

It has been 6 months to the day since I last posted anything. 6 months of reflection, confusion, some worry, and some sadness, but in the end, I have rediscovered joy and satisfaction in my life. There were days when I was glad that I did not have posts to draft, and days I had to suppress the urge to write. Writing has always been an outlet for me. I love painting a picture with words, as it gives me personal and creative satisfaction. To know that people were actually reading my tales multiplied my satisfaction. So, I feel like I am in a place to begin writing again.

I have been asked if I am still a hotwife. Yes, but as old fans can attest, my hotwife activities have always been rather erratic, and nothing has changed in that department, but I did take a hiatus for a while. There were no risqué confessions racked up in those 6 months, just a few disappointing AM situations. This leads me to wonder if I should change the name of this blog... something to think about.

I have also been asked to repost old confessions. I am considering this request, but not promising anything.

So, as long as I have your attention, is there anyone out there as fascinated with Riff and Eva as I am? I have been feverishly reading her blog to get caught up, and I have the urge to comment on their story like a sportscaster on the 50-yard line of a football field! I wish I had been the lucky blog-gal to discover his AM profile... just sayin'!

But I digress... my toe is in the water... should I take the plunge in?


Breaking my silence

Dear Readers,
I am not sure if I am fully prepared to end my hiatus, but I feel guilty for not responding to the MANY comments and emails that I have received in the past 5 weeks. So, I will re-enter the blogosphere...

My Hiatus:
I went dark for a few reasons. The dichotomy had been tugging at my conscience for a while. I am a wife, mother, daughter, [career title], and friend. And while the double life can be quite thrilling, I am reminded of the immorality of my actions at the most inconvenient moments (... in church... in the gynecologist's office... you get the picture). A few people who read the blog even emailed me to point out that by meeting a man on Ashley Madison, I was in essence "The Other Woman". Gee, thanks.
Then there was one night when DH and I had a little misunderstanding, and that sent me into a funk, so I shut things down for a while. We talked about it later and things are fine, but the desire to blog was not there.

Thank you to those who sent well wishes and kind words. Your support did not go unnoticed. To thank you for your kindness, I want to send a shout out and some extra blogosphere traffic over to Hubman, Riff, Southern Swinger, Tony, Quiet Man, Scandalous Housewife, Whitenoise, Me, Bacon, Krazy, Bullwinkle, JessTess, Kyra, Mike, Infidelity_Curiousity, Guardian, Naughty Girl, Ocean Sailor, Jenna, and Cheri.
To those of you who do not have blogs, thank you for commenting and/or coming out of the wood work! A few of you even created accounts just to leave me a comment - THANKS! (Apologies to anyone I left off the list!) I would be remiss if I failed to thank those of you who follow this blog, DESPITE the lack of new posts. My list of followers grew considerably over the last month... go figure!

My response:
One of the overwhelming topics among the comments/emails was the suggestion to screen comments before they get published on the blog. For the most part, I have not had issues with the content of the comments. There was a brief period when I did censor comments because of a 'spammer', but he is long gone. In the di-chot-o-my post I said ... I have come to realize that the majority of my readers are simply horny people looking for a decent sex blog to read for pleasure. Those types of messages were all via private email, not posted comments, but for some reason some readers misunderstood. I appreciate the support of those who partake in alternative lifestyles, as well as those who are curious about hotwives and swinging, and I welcome their comments in my suburbia. I no longer judge adulterers so harshly, and their support on here is welcome, too. What I found to be hurtful were the crude emails I received from others.

About the PSA:
Yes, DH is fully aware of all my confessions. We communicate about all aspects of my endeavors. But, what some of my readers failed to consider or recognize was that I live in fear of being discovered in real life. DH and my lovers are the only people who know my identity and my extramarital affairs. (I do not tell my lovers about this blog, and they know me only by my pseudonym). If a family member, friend, or coworker were to learn of my double life I would deleted the blog entirely and cease all acts of infidelity. I may have sounded too harsh when I published the PSA, but I needed to communicate the need for care, respect, and understanding in times of trouble.

So, where does this leave me?
Well, I know I owe you all the conclusion of confession about The Renaissance Man. I am not ready to blog about that night yet. You see, I allowed myself to talk openly to him about my career, family, and my life, which made me feel vulnerable. That vulnerable feeling is causing writer's block whenever I try to pen my confession about our date in a hotel room. I am sure it is hard for you to understand, because it is hard for me to explain, but it is what it is.

So, if you are willing to put up with me, stick around. I am like
Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog: I saw my shadow and I was compelled to retreat. I am not ready to emerge, but check back in the future...




1. division into two parts, kinds, etc.; subdivision into halves or pairs.
2. division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups:
a dichotomy between thought and action.

I am struggling with my double life.

On one hand I am a mother, wife, professional in my career, and friend. On the other I live out what was once a sexual fantasy, spoken of only in the dark of the night in my bedroom. The conflict I feel within myself has been nagging at my conscious more than usual of late.
No apologies, just an explanation for my brief absence, and the ((probably) temporary) omission of my confessions.

And speaking of my absence, I feel compelled to post this
Public Service Announcement:
When an infidelity/sex blog suddenly goes dark, it often spells one thing, t-r-o-u-b-l-e.
In my case, the trouble is internal, not something more serious. I was prepared to receive a few emails from blogging friends when I decided to restrict access to my blog. What I did not plan on, were numerous requests for blog invitations from people who rarely, or never, commented/emailed previously (and some of those people were pretty pushy, sending multiple requests!). I did the math, and only 13% of the messages in my inbox expressed a concern about my well-being. Am I looking for pity? No, but I have come to realize that the majority of my readers are simply horny people looking for a decent sex blog to read for pleasure. This epiphany has made me consider using the privacy option, inviting only long time cyber-friends.

For now, the privacy option has been removed, but all other confessions are hidden, until I feel back in the swing of things.


The Renaissance Man... reflections on my 8th confession

In the nights (and days!) since my date with The Renaissance Man, DH and I have been enjoying a renewed passion! There are a few noteworthy things worth adding to the confession about The Renaissance Man:

-As a freshman in the infidelity arena, The Renaissance Man has not worked out all of his details yet:
  • He does not have a secret email address.
  • Nor does he have a mischief phone. I desperately wished I could refer him to Riff's blog for lessons on how to have an affair. (Of course if I shared Riff's actual blog The Renaissance Man might find this little suburbia - which I am not prepared for.)
  • He did not consider having condoms with him. (but how was he to know that I was practically a sure thing!)
-I was surprised by the fact that I enjoyed a sense of submission when I gave The Renaissance Man a blowjob. I am not accustomed to performing a blowjob to a man while he stands and I kneel, and feeling his hips bump and grind near my face.

-The ebb and flow of seduction between us was seamless. Power and submission... Leading and following... Seducing and being seduced...

-I find myself wondering if The Renaissance Man will contact me again, as this situation is different than the bar scene I am used to.

-I am learning just how powerful the human mind is in regards to sexuality. The mere mention of him can make me wet!

DH and I have had frequent, honest conversations about hotwifing, and how we are as a couple as a result of this lifestyle. The verdict? Our sex life is better than ever!


The Renaissance Man... part four of my 8th confession

I texted DH to let him know I was on my way home…

When I got home, I found DH waiting for me in our bedroom. I was excited to relay all the sexy details about my date, and of course, ask him about listening in via the phone.

We always enjoy excitement, heat and passion when I get home from a hotwife date. I climbed on top of DH to straddle him as I began to weave my sexy story amid deep tongue kisses and groping. Given that I had called DH to tell him where I was going, along with the phone call, I was certain DH knew that I had been fucked, but I enjoyed detailing exactly what The Renaissance Man and I had done with each other. He was particularly curious to hear the play by play of the phone portion of the night.

Then he asked me, “Do you want your pussy eaten for a second time, by another man?” I willingly laid back and opened my legs for him. DH has amazing oral talents. His skill, coupled with my heightened arousal and extreme moisture, made my orgasm that much stronger and more satisfying than usual.

Now it was time for DH’s pleasure. I was eager to take him into my mouth and perform my second blowjob of the night. Thoughts of DH listening while I had done the same to The Renaissance Man added to my enjoyment as I licked, sucked teased, and coaxed the man that I love to an orgasm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We began our journey into this lifestyle nearly 5 years ago. I have to say that this experience was ideal in my mind for many reasons:
  • There was chemistry and respect between The Renaissance Man and me
  • I was able to fulfill DH’s fantasy of listening in
  • I was treated to stellar sexual passion and pleasure by not one, but TWO men
  • I can honestly say, “I had my cake and ate it, too!”
DH loves me, and allows me to explore a sexual awakening, which brings pleasure to both of us. There are times when the dichotomy of our situation strikes me, and I have to take it all in with perspective. I NEVER thought that we would arrive at this level of sexual exploration and enjoyment…
I never thought that I would be a hotwife!


The Renaissance Man... part three of my 8th confession

I parked next to The Renaissance Man at his place of business in the dark of the night...

The Renaissance Man quickly unarmed the alarm and led me through the lobby toward his office. He created ambient light in the solitude of darkness by turning on the computer monitor. I removed my coat and dropped it along with my purse on a chair across from his desk, then sat in the other, empty chair. He lamented the fact that he did not have a couch for us, but in my mind it did not matter (at least we were not in a car… ).

He knelt before me and we resumed kissing with more passion and vigor. My hands slid through his hair and trailed down his shoulders, while his started on my hips but quickly slipped under my blouse to find my breasts. Before I knew it, my bra was uncomfortably askew, so I reached behind my back to release the hooks. Together we removed my blouse and bra. What followed was a lengthy and tender worship on my ample, natural bosom. His tongue swirled around each nipple while his hands gently kneaded and supported my breasts, and it was driving me wild!

The Renaissance Man stood up, and I immediately unfastened his belt buckle and jeans. Now it was my turn to kneel and return some oral worship! Once his stiff cock was free from all clothing, my tongue teased his head and my right hand cupped his balls. I used my left hand to guide his dick into my mouth, starting with just the head. I looked up to see his face, but it was too dark. His moans encouraged me to continue, and his fingers became tangled in my hair. I took him deeper into my mouth, sucking and licking down his length. After a while his hips began to thrust and his hand pushed my head and mouth further down his shaft. I knew that I wanted to fuck him, so I stopped before he came.

Without words, The Renaissance Man seemed to understand, so he lowered himself to the floor by my side. “Do you have a condom, or should I grab the one I brought?” I asked in a breathy voice.

He chuckled in an embarrassed kind of way, then replied, “No, I don’t have one… I wasn’t expecting…” his voice trailed off.

I sat in the chair again so that I could reach my bag. While I fumbled for it underneath our discarded clothes, The Renaissance Man removed my jeans and black thong. He pleasured my clit with his tongue and slid a finger into my very wet naughty bits. “God you are so wet,” he whispered with delight. I stretched to retrieve my purse and quickly found the Trojan in the outer pocket, just where I had placed it during the drive over from the restaurant. I opened it but asked him to put it on because it was too dark for me to see what I was doing. We both agreed that condoms are an annoying necessity in the game of infidelity.

“How do you want it?” I asked, shocked by how whorish I sounded. We both kind of laughed, then he told me that he’d like me on my hands and knees. I felt him easily, yet firmly enter me from behind with skillful thrusts. I moaned and squealed with pleasure as his hips gained speed and depth. It did not take long for him to cum, and we collapsed into a seated spooning position. He hugged me from behind and reached around my front to fondle my breasts and rub my clit, bringing me close to an orgasm.

“Is there something you’d like me to do for you?” he whispered.

I paused, thinking about DH’s request. I really wasn’t sure how The Renaissance Man would react, so I almost did not ask.

“What…?” he asked again, sensing I was holding back. “Can I eat your pussy?”

“Would you mind if my husband listened while you did?”

“Dial away!”

So I did. I found my phone in my purse and pressed the speed dial button. I set the open phone on the chair beside us, and lay back on the floor. The Renaissance Man was waiting as I opened my legs, inviting him to taste my juices. I writhed as his tongue and fingers masterfully pleasured me. I purred with delight and called out his name, knowing that we had an audience. The Renaissance Man was truly talented! He made me twist and squirm until I bucked and cried out with an orgasm.

I had to show my appreciation, and wanted to keep the show going for a little longer, so I crawled to The Renaissance Man and once again took his cock into my mouth. I felt him grow hard again while I licked and sucked. We both knew that we had used my only condom, so I turned over and asked him to shoot his load onto my ass. He used one hand on himself and the other on me. He made me gasp and moan when he slid his fingers into my wet walls. We both came again, and were weak in the knees. I closed the phone. The show was over, and The Renaissance Man had to get home soon. I am sure that he had not planned on such a naughty field trip when he created his alibi.

While we dressed and gathered our coats and belongings, The Renaissance Man said that he’d like to repeat our rendezvous. Just before we walked out the door, I stood very close to him, gently caressed his jaw line and told him that I respected his situation, and that I would leave it up to him to contact me. Then we kissed one last time. He set the alarm and locked up. We quickly said our final goodbyes and went to our separate cars and drove away.

I texted DH to let him know I was on my way home…