The Renaissance Man... reflections on my 8th confession

In the nights (and days!) since my date with The Renaissance Man, DH and I have been enjoying a renewed passion! There are a few noteworthy things worth adding to the confession about The Renaissance Man:

-As a freshman in the infidelity arena, The Renaissance Man has not worked out all of his details yet:
  • He does not have a secret email address.
  • Nor does he have a mischief phone. I desperately wished I could refer him to Riff's blog for lessons on how to have an affair. (Of course if I shared Riff's actual blog The Renaissance Man might find this little suburbia - which I am not prepared for.)
  • He did not consider having condoms with him. (but how was he to know that I was practically a sure thing!)
-I was surprised by the fact that I enjoyed a sense of submission when I gave The Renaissance Man a blowjob. I am not accustomed to performing a blowjob to a man while he stands and I kneel, and feeling his hips bump and grind near my face.

-The ebb and flow of seduction between us was seamless. Power and submission... Leading and following... Seducing and being seduced...

-I find myself wondering if The Renaissance Man will contact me again, as this situation is different than the bar scene I am used to.

-I am learning just how powerful the human mind is in regards to sexuality. The mere mention of him can make me wet!

DH and I have had frequent, honest conversations about hotwifing, and how we are as a couple as a result of this lifestyle. The verdict? Our sex life is better than ever!


The Renaissance Man... part four of my 8th confession

I texted DH to let him know I was on my way home…

When I got home, I found DH waiting for me in our bedroom. I was excited to relay all the sexy details about my date, and of course, ask him about listening in via the phone.

We always enjoy excitement, heat and passion when I get home from a hotwife date. I climbed on top of DH to straddle him as I began to weave my sexy story amid deep tongue kisses and groping. Given that I had called DH to tell him where I was going, along with the phone call, I was certain DH knew that I had been fucked, but I enjoyed detailing exactly what The Renaissance Man and I had done with each other. He was particularly curious to hear the play by play of the phone portion of the night.

Then he asked me, “Do you want your pussy eaten for a second time, by another man?” I willingly laid back and opened my legs for him. DH has amazing oral talents. His skill, coupled with my heightened arousal and extreme moisture, made my orgasm that much stronger and more satisfying than usual.

Now it was time for DH’s pleasure. I was eager to take him into my mouth and perform my second blowjob of the night. Thoughts of DH listening while I had done the same to The Renaissance Man added to my enjoyment as I licked, sucked teased, and coaxed the man that I love to an orgasm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We began our journey into this lifestyle nearly 5 years ago. I have to say that this experience was ideal in my mind for many reasons:
  • There was chemistry and respect between The Renaissance Man and me
  • I was able to fulfill DH’s fantasy of listening in
  • I was treated to stellar sexual passion and pleasure by not one, but TWO men
  • I can honestly say, “I had my cake and ate it, too!”
DH loves me, and allows me to explore a sexual awakening, which brings pleasure to both of us. There are times when the dichotomy of our situation strikes me, and I have to take it all in with perspective. I NEVER thought that we would arrive at this level of sexual exploration and enjoyment…
I never thought that I would be a hotwife!


The Renaissance Man... part three of my 8th confession

I parked next to The Renaissance Man at his place of business in the dark of the night...

The Renaissance Man quickly unarmed the alarm and led me through the lobby toward his office. He created ambient light in the solitude of darkness by turning on the computer monitor. I removed my coat and dropped it along with my purse on a chair across from his desk, then sat in the other, empty chair. He lamented the fact that he did not have a couch for us, but in my mind it did not matter (at least we were not in a car… ).

He knelt before me and we resumed kissing with more passion and vigor. My hands slid through his hair and trailed down his shoulders, while his started on my hips but quickly slipped under my blouse to find my breasts. Before I knew it, my bra was uncomfortably askew, so I reached behind my back to release the hooks. Together we removed my blouse and bra. What followed was a lengthy and tender worship on my ample, natural bosom. His tongue swirled around each nipple while his hands gently kneaded and supported my breasts, and it was driving me wild!

The Renaissance Man stood up, and I immediately unfastened his belt buckle and jeans. Now it was my turn to kneel and return some oral worship! Once his stiff cock was free from all clothing, my tongue teased his head and my right hand cupped his balls. I used my left hand to guide his dick into my mouth, starting with just the head. I looked up to see his face, but it was too dark. His moans encouraged me to continue, and his fingers became tangled in my hair. I took him deeper into my mouth, sucking and licking down his length. After a while his hips began to thrust and his hand pushed my head and mouth further down his shaft. I knew that I wanted to fuck him, so I stopped before he came.

Without words, The Renaissance Man seemed to understand, so he lowered himself to the floor by my side. “Do you have a condom, or should I grab the one I brought?” I asked in a breathy voice.

He chuckled in an embarrassed kind of way, then replied, “No, I don’t have one… I wasn’t expecting…” his voice trailed off.

I sat in the chair again so that I could reach my bag. While I fumbled for it underneath our discarded clothes, The Renaissance Man removed my jeans and black thong. He pleasured my clit with his tongue and slid a finger into my very wet naughty bits. “God you are so wet,” he whispered with delight. I stretched to retrieve my purse and quickly found the Trojan in the outer pocket, just where I had placed it during the drive over from the restaurant. I opened it but asked him to put it on because it was too dark for me to see what I was doing. We both agreed that condoms are an annoying necessity in the game of infidelity.

“How do you want it?” I asked, shocked by how whorish I sounded. We both kind of laughed, then he told me that he’d like me on my hands and knees. I felt him easily, yet firmly enter me from behind with skillful thrusts. I moaned and squealed with pleasure as his hips gained speed and depth. It did not take long for him to cum, and we collapsed into a seated spooning position. He hugged me from behind and reached around my front to fondle my breasts and rub my clit, bringing me close to an orgasm.

“Is there something you’d like me to do for you?” he whispered.

I paused, thinking about DH’s request. I really wasn’t sure how The Renaissance Man would react, so I almost did not ask.

“What…?” he asked again, sensing I was holding back. “Can I eat your pussy?”

“Would you mind if my husband listened while you did?”

“Dial away!”

So I did. I found my phone in my purse and pressed the speed dial button. I set the open phone on the chair beside us, and lay back on the floor. The Renaissance Man was waiting as I opened my legs, inviting him to taste my juices. I writhed as his tongue and fingers masterfully pleasured me. I purred with delight and called out his name, knowing that we had an audience. The Renaissance Man was truly talented! He made me twist and squirm until I bucked and cried out with an orgasm.

I had to show my appreciation, and wanted to keep the show going for a little longer, so I crawled to The Renaissance Man and once again took his cock into my mouth. I felt him grow hard again while I licked and sucked. We both knew that we had used my only condom, so I turned over and asked him to shoot his load onto my ass. He used one hand on himself and the other on me. He made me gasp and moan when he slid his fingers into my wet walls. We both came again, and were weak in the knees. I closed the phone. The show was over, and The Renaissance Man had to get home soon. I am sure that he had not planned on such a naughty field trip when he created his alibi.

While we dressed and gathered our coats and belongings, The Renaissance Man said that he’d like to repeat our rendezvous. Just before we walked out the door, I stood very close to him, gently caressed his jaw line and told him that I respected his situation, and that I would leave it up to him to contact me. Then we kissed one last time. He set the alarm and locked up. We quickly said our final goodbyes and went to our separate cars and drove away.

I texted DH to let him know I was on my way home…