The Renaissance Man... reflections on my 8th confession

In the nights (and days!) since my date with The Renaissance Man, DH and I have been enjoying a renewed passion! There are a few noteworthy things worth adding to the confession about The Renaissance Man:

-As a freshman in the infidelity arena, The Renaissance Man has not worked out all of his details yet:
  • He does not have a secret email address.
  • Nor does he have a mischief phone. I desperately wished I could refer him to Riff's blog for lessons on how to have an affair. (Of course if I shared Riff's actual blog The Renaissance Man might find this little suburbia - which I am not prepared for.)
  • He did not consider having condoms with him. (but how was he to know that I was practically a sure thing!)
-I was surprised by the fact that I enjoyed a sense of submission when I gave The Renaissance Man a blowjob. I am not accustomed to performing a blowjob to a man while he stands and I kneel, and feeling his hips bump and grind near my face.

-The ebb and flow of seduction between us was seamless. Power and submission... Leading and following... Seducing and being seduced...

-I find myself wondering if The Renaissance Man will contact me again, as this situation is different than the bar scene I am used to.

-I am learning just how powerful the human mind is in regards to sexuality. The mere mention of him can make me wet!

DH and I have had frequent, honest conversations about hotwifing, and how we are as a couple as a result of this lifestyle. The verdict? Our sex life is better than ever!


Tallgrass said...

How exciting! I love it.
Thanks for sharing.

Southern Seas said...

Great read. Loved hearing DH give his side of the experience. Look forward to the next posting.

Joy, Shared said...

"I am learning just how powerful the human mind is in regards to sexuality. The mere mention of him can make me wet!"

I was the exact same way with Chris.

bdenied said...

thanks for this post, sex is all in the mind, unless of course a cock is in your mouth.....that was a great description of the dynamics of a bj from that perspective....

deliciousinner said...

The sub aspect is a nice bit of spice.. A good D/s position indeed that you put yourself in.. Another twist on that is for Mr Medici to instruct you next time to kneel and keep your hands folded submissively behind your back, making your wet mouth and throat do the work.. Did the sub-sensation appeal? It all sounds d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

I can't recall if I've overlooked this from a previous post but are you a cum-slut? By which I mean do you like it filling your mouth and then running down your throat as well as other variations such as feeling it splash across your lovely face and ensewhere on your body?

Once again, congrats to you and dear DH: I do think you manage this so well. Of course, it's going to be great for your sex life. Make sure it's good for you both and your relationship in every way: generally enriching, a boost to your affection and feeling of love and generosity to each other. I'm quite sure that I don't need to tell you that though..

As always, thanks for being there, the wonderful woman you are.

Unbroken said...

The Renaissance Man would be a fool not to contact you again! It seems that he may need a little “training!” Maybe you could copy and paste Riff’s lessons into a Word Document for the R Man (with Riff’s permission, of course). That way he’ll have a “text book” and he’ll have you for a teacher as he learns to play this game.

And what a game it is!! It’s truly terrific that you and DH can grow your sex life from this.

Southern Swinger said...

Will never forget the first time I watched SW getting fucked by another man. The vision was enough to get me hard for many days afterward. Same with SW. Talking about our adventures brought some good times.

Piper said...

Great post (great blog). I do agree that the mind is a wonderful sex organ and in many ways more sexually powerful than any other part of the body.

swingerwife said...

I really get off on giving a man a blow job while I'm on my knees, but only if the man in question is deserving of such a thing. It is absolutely a power position to hold and I don't care for giving that it up to a man that doesn't appreciate it. Heath is one of very, very few men that has that privilege.

The waiting to hear from him part is a bit disconcerting, isn't it? Welcome to my world!

Riff Dog said...

You don't want to send him to Riff Dog's blog. He'll think you have no taste!

There's something kind of charming about a lover who who is unseasoned. Honestly, I sometimes wonder what women think when they know i already have a mischief phone, and already know which restaurants are empty, and already know which hotels take cash with no ID.

What makes your stories particularly hot, by the way, is that your husband loves it.