Ashley Madison pitfalls: The Tech Guy... my 10th confession

Last spring, I ventured into the Ashley Madison arena again. My profile had been dark for weeks, but one day I had time on my hands, so I logged into the pretty purple site to see who might be out there. I decided to tweak my preferences and turn-ons and add a picture, on the advice of a kind friend, and then I waited to see who would contact me.

The next time I logged in, the volume of winks, messages, private showcase keys, and priority messages filling my inbox shocked me! (Riff does know his stuff!) I weeded through them all in hopes of finding a gem among them. I replied to The Tech Guy, who would be on my town for work the next week. We exchanged photos, but he was a man of few words - our messages were short (this should have been a red flag!). We made plans to meet at his hotel.

I was extremely nervous, which should have been another red flag, but we chatted and then went to his room. There was no wooing. There were long lulls in conversation. He eventually initiated contact, so I held hope that he'd be good in bed, but we never kissed, which also should have been a red flag, since I usually enjoy kissing a new lover.


It wasn't great sex, but it wasn't awful sex. He enjoyed my enthusiasm as he practiced his oral skills on me, but I was confused when my oral ministries failed. Eventually, The Tech Guy was ready for more, but it was... meh. I did however learn that certain prescribed medications might inhibit a man from reaching orgasm. On the bright side, the hotel room was lovely, and the bed was comfy. I took in many details while he pounded me from behind for what seemed like hours. I even mentally drafted a post about him during the encounter.

The experience was enough to make me take down my AM profile again. I thought it was still dark last June, when I got a lengthy message from The Traveler...

(Curious about my history? 4 old posts have been republished!)


Ashley Madison 101: the plural greeting

Welcome to SuburbanHotwife's seminar for men who are hoping to hook up via AshleyMadison.com!

As my fellow bloggers Hubman and Another Suburban Mom (a sweet swinging couple) can attest, it is all in the introduction. It does not matter if you are a swinger, or looking for a little something on the side, if you don't use the right advertising techniques, you won't get lucky.

Case in point, I don't reply to men to use this in the subject line or begin their letters in the following manner:
"Hi Ladies! I am looking for..."

WRONG! I don't know if you can send an email to the masses when you are a full member on AM, but I for one do not reply to men who lump me into a group of potential lovers. Sure, I know you are probably contacting other women besides me (I do read Riff after all) but why make that fact so evident in your subject line? There is a simple trick known as "copy and paste" that would be handy in a situation like this. I understand that you may not want to take the time and personalize your letter to me to let me know you actually read my profile, even though that would score points with me (that could be a subject of a future seminar!), but a plural greeting will not garner a reply from me.


Thank you!

I am humbled by the warm reception and greetings from many readers and fans! I enjoyed hearing from old cyber friends and meeting new ones. I am still not one hundred percent sure of the direction this blog will take, but after testing the waters, I am wading into the shallow end of this blog-pool. I wish I could tease you with juicy tidbits of an untold hotwife confession, but there are none to tell. Instead, I will share my Ashley Madison pitfalls in upcoming posts. Ladies, you may get a laugh or two from my unsatisfying experiences. Gentlemen, you should have your pen and paper ready to take notes if you are AM members.

In the meantime, I have republished my first 3 posts to provide newcomers with my history and introduction. Happy reading!