A booty text ;-) ... My 14th confession

"Louise, now I may not get texts, I may not send texts, 
but trust me the subtext of that text bootay!"
     Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City: The Movie

I am sure he knew I'd still be up when he texted me late that night.  He made small talk and told me about his day, but I suspected he had other things on his mind.  DH suggested that I invite him over, so I did.  He accepted my offer.  Ah, the subtext of his texts had indeed been a booty call...

I greeted him at my front door wearing next to nothing.  He smiled in approval.  I led him into a dark room, and  crawled onto the bed, revealing my 'commando' status.  He expressed his approval by rubbing his warm palms against my cheeks, then spanking me.  He knows I like it a little rough...

It didn't take him long to undress.  I rocked my bare ass back against him as he dropped his jeans, feeling his hard cock.  He reached forward to grab and squeeze my hard nipples.  Being teased with his cock against my ass and his hands on my breasts was too much for me.  I begged him to fuck me.  He tangled his fingers in my hair and pulled my head back to nibble on my neck and shoulder.  Then, with a deep thrust, he entered me from behind.  The sensation of his sheathed cock filling my wet and wanting pussy made me purr with pleasure.

This was not a slow and sensual encounter like other nights.  No, this was assertive, determined, a little rough, and fast.  I liked it.   I sensed he was close to cumming, so I slid my hand between my legs to finger my self to a stronger orgasm just as he came.

I walked him to the door, then met DH in our bedroom, where I welcomed a second cock in my warm and greedy pussy.  The hotwife foreplay had once again paved the way for a steamy scene...

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His hands looked strong, yet soft, and his finger was bare.

He was tall and lean, and dressed with an aloof sense of style.

He did and said absolutely nothing to to pique my interest, yet I found myself completely distracted by his presence.

It was the wrong place and time to allow my mind to wander to the 'what ifs', but I could not prevent myself from wondering...


Musing... My Tangled Web

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!
    Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
There are times when I find myself lost in thought, and Sir Walter Scott’s words strike me and snap me back into reality.  They are interesting thoughts, though. 
Thoughts of passion, surprise, acceptance, understanding, curiosity, desire, confusion… 

These thoughts swirl around in my brain, tug at my conscience, turn me on, make me smile, and make me choose my words carefully depending on to whom I am speaking. 

… and that is when I feel like Sir Walter Scott’s words ring true the most.  When I am engaged in daily conversations with friends, family, coworkers, or lovers, I must be aware, or else I fear I will become snarled in my own web of deceit.  I choose to keep my double life as a hotwife private, so it is a web of my own creation, and a consequence I must manage.

This consequential web was easy to manage when I met men from Ashley Madison or in a bar.  I had no ties to them, and each encounter was titillating, yet brief.  I could be honest about my reason for meeting them if I desired.  Now, however, I find myself in a different situation.  Well, two situations actually.  Both of which cause me to navigate my web with caution.

I have introduced you to The Doctor, and told about some of my experiences with him.  (Yes, dear readers, there is another secret confession about The Doctor that has yet to be told.)  I must carefully mind my complicated web when I talk with The Doctor.

I have not confessed anything about my most recent lover, the one that has caused me to reflect on my tangled web the most, and the one I have been with repeatedly.  I hesitate assign a moniker for him, for am not sure I can even blog about him.  I will say that the attraction we feel for one another is undeniable... and hot! 
In the months since our paths first crossed my consequential web has become that much more tangled.


The return of The Doctor... My 13th confession

In the months since the trip to the cabin, The Doctor and I have kept in more frequent touch via email. After dancing around the subject of what had transpired there, The Doctor playfully acknowledged the fun that he, DH, and I had enjoyed that night by the fire.  He respectfully asked if what had occurred had been OK with DH.  Without giving away too much information, I let him know that all was well, and that he had helped us satisfy a whim.

I accompanied The Doctor to his hotel room after dinner, drinks, and continuous conversation.  The conversation was still flowing as we sat on opposite sides of the queen sized hotel bed, but at this point our words were laden with double entendres.  The distance between us slowly narrowed, and The Doctor hinted that a repeat performance would be welcome.  Since I am not one to disappoint a friend, I shifted my position and slid my hand over his thighs.  He leaned back against the pillows, so I moved closer, bearing my cleavage as my hands traveled over the hardness growing in his slacks.  We exchanged a long, knowing look, then without saying a word, I helped him remove his pants and boxers and he helped to remove my blouse and bra. 

There we sat, partially clothed and silent, with our gazes locked.  Anticipation filled the space between us in the dimly lit room. I leaned over, and began swirling my tongue around the tip of his head.  The combination of my brief hand massage and anticipation had engorged his seven-inch cock, causing precum to mingle with the moisture from my mouth.  I grasped the base of his rigid cock as I opened my mouth wider to take him in deeper.  I eagerly began my oral ministrations, hoping to impress him with my determination to please.  I alternated between a pattern of semi-shallow sucking and long licks from his base to his tip, making sure to pay attention to his balls, as well.  My efforts were encouraged when The Doctor reached out to cup my breasts and squeeze my hard nipples.   His touch felt so good that I was compelled to engulf his entire length, and work towards brining him to an orgasm.  The moment his tip reached my throat he began to moan and praise my talents.  His sexy sounds and phrases were such a turn on!  I felt his cock throb gently against my lips, indicating that he was about to pump his load into my mouth, so I took him in as deep as I could.  He groaned and gasped between exclamations of pleasure and praise while I swallowed his cum and licked his tip clean. 

Afterwards I reclined on the pillows beside him, feeling very turned on and needing a release of my own.  It was late and we were both getting tired, so I took matters into my own hands.  I reached across his body and guided his hand to my D cups, and instructed him to grope and squeeze.  I unzipped my jeans to allow access to my pussy.  With one hand I checked to see if he was ready for round two, and slid my other hand within my pretty pink thong.  He seemed to be getting hard, but I need to cum!  I abandoned his cock in order to focus all my attention on my wet, pink folds and sensitive clit.  I asked him to squeeze and pinch my nipples harder while he watched me play with myself.  I was a little self conscious, but I couldn’t hold back my soft moans as I slipped my finger into my pussy and made circles around my hard clit.  I would have loved to have felt his mouth on my nipples, but he seemed content to watch the show.  Before long I was writhing and whimpering in the throws of my self induced orgasm.

We regrouped and dressed so that The Doctor could walk me out.  There was no awkwardness as we hugged goodbye.  I texted DH to let him know that I was on my way home, and that I needed his cock…


...changing my weight on my Ashley Madison profile!

Riff's post today made me realize that I should update my profile on AM to reflect the current, slimmer me. Thanks Riff!


Musing about Ashley Madison...

Ok, I have a question for the male readers who use AM:

Is there a promotion currently running for male members?
I ask because in the past 48 hours I have received an unusually high volume of messages on AM.  I usually get a few winks, a few requests for my photo key, etc..., but just 2 or 3  custom messages each day.  The volume of custom messages caught my eye, as well as the other types of contacts, and made me wonder if male members were offered free credits as part of a promotion recently.

I'd love to hear from AM members to learn if other women have noticed that same trend, or if men were offered a promotion of some kind.  COMMENT!

PS: What do you think of the updated AM logo?


The Doctor . . . My 12th confession

After a day by the lake and a BBQ, DH and I were enjoying drinks and conversation with our friend, The Doctor.

The Doctor is an old friend of ours who went through a bitter divorce a year ago.  We witnessed the demise of his marriage from afar with perplexed looks on our faces, as this sincerely great guy dealt with things he never thought could ever happen to him. I can easily recall their wedding day, and he is in many of our own wedding photos, standing by DH's side.

That evening at the lake, before dinner, DH mentioned to me in private that he and The Doctor had talked about The Doctor’s new life as a single guy, and how he has not dated anyone yet.  He told DH that he’s not ready to date, but he also joked that he wouldn’t turn down a blowjob these days.  As it turns out, I recently mentioned to DH that I thought The Doctor was attractive.  This admission became the topic of a fantasy in the bedroom for us.  Little did we know that the fantasy might become reality…

Candles illuminated the cozy cabin, and a fire blazed in the fireplace as old friends relaxed and enjoyed the ambiance.  The three of us reminisced and chatted over nightcaps.  It was good to see The Doctor smile, laugh, and relax again after all he had been through.  He even talked about a woman who had come on to him a few days earlier. Things were going well, and our conversation evolved into playful banter and innuendo.  With embers fading in the fireplace, DH moved close to me and reached under my shirt to play with my nipple.  I knew he was testing the waters.  He wanted to see how The Doctor would react to the hint of foreplay. DH causally continued massaging my breast and complementing my cleavage, which I had put on display for our day by the lake.  The Doctor claimed not to have noticed my beckoning breasts, but it was hard for him to ignore what DH was doing, and the effects it was having on me. The Doctor smiled, and turned away for a moment, but I could tell he was drawn to our playful activity.  His response was encouraging, so I started to flirt just a little with our friend.

Then, DH began to get more affectionate with me, daring to kiss my neck and expose more of my cleavage. I was not immune to DH's attention.  I am sure my skin was flushed as I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation.  When I opened my eyes, I saw The Doctor watching us from across the coffee table with a bashful grin. I made eye contact with The Doctor as DH kissed his way down my neck to my chest.  He averted his eyes, so I told him it was OK to watch.  He replied with nervous laughter, which made me think carefully about how to proceed.  I could tell that his interest was piqued, but we needed to take things gently.  DH seemed to sense it too, so he let me take the lead.  The Doctor and I maintained eye contact while DH touched and kissed me. I used a come hither motion to entice The Doctor to join us but he declined.  I whispered assurances that he was welcome to join the fun, but he remained in his chair, enjoying the show.  The Doctor watched for a while, then DH removed my shirt and bra, completely exposing my chest, boldly kicking things up a notch.  The Doctor seemed to like what he saw.

DH whispered in my ear, "You should give him a blowjob."
"I would, but he won't even get close."

DH trailed kisses down my neck, ending on my right breast.  He lingered there, teasing my nipple.  I looked The Doctor in the eye and said, "It's alright, you can touch, too."

"No, DH is doing a good job on his own."

We carried on like that for a few more minutes.  The Doctor watched as DH lavished attention on my breasts and kissed me passionately.  I repeatedly met The Doctor's gaze, and again, tried to lure him with a come hither wiggle of my pointer finger.  Eventually, The Doctor moved closer.

He moved to my left side so that I was sandwiched between the two of them, and trailed a gentle circle around my left nipple with his finger. I let out a soft moan and relished the attention I was receiving from two men at the same time.  DH and I kissed as each of them held, squeezed, massaged, and adored my D cups.  I slid my arm around The Doctor’s shoulder and gasped when I felt his lips and tongue finally tease my nipple.  I cannot begin to describe the amazing sensation of having both breasts licked, sucked and nibbled by two men, each with their own style and tempo, yet harmoniously arousing me to a new level.  With my head thrown back and my hands rubbing their necks and backs, sexy moans and noises escaped my lips.

I was lost in the passion; thoroughly enjoying the way DH was sharing me with our friend.  This was a dynamic of hotwifing that I had hoped to experience, but never knew if it would be possible.

There was a break in the activity, and DH and I exchanged a look that communicated so much.  I knew that he wanted a to watch me with The Doctor, and based on their afternoon conversation, I knew that a blowjob was in order. I wanted to please him in a way that he had been missing for too long. DH wandered to the kitchen to give me a moment with Doc.  I positioned myself in front of The Doctor, looking him in the eye as my hand reached for his waistband.

“What do you think you are doing?” he implored.
“You’re not going to turn down a blowjob, are you?” I answered his question with a question.
“Will your husband mind?”
“Honey,” I called over my shoulder, “is it OK with you if I give The Doctor a blowjob?”
DH reentered the room, and replied, “Go right ahead, sweetie,” and then crossed the room to a place that I assumed would afford him a view of the action without intruding on us.

I unbuttoned and unzipped The Doctor’s shorts, then slid my palms inside his waistband and against his hips and ass to lower his bottoms.  My hands wandered and teased his growing cock through his boxer briefs.  I loved the look of his cock straining underneath the thin fabric, enlarged and hard from my ministrations.   Sensations of power and arousal consumed me and I focused my attention on him.  I released his cock from his underwear, pleased to see his 7 inches spring free.  I teased the head with my fingertips, then made a trail down to the shaft where I wrapped my warm hand around him.  I licked up and down his cock then guided him into my mouth.  I took as much of him in as I could, sucking and stroking his hardness.  I alternated between licking and sucking and using my hand to provide pleasure.  I could taste his precum when I cupped his balls and swirled my tongue around the tip of his penis.  For a man who had not had sex a quite a long while, he had amazing stamina and control.  When I sensed his climax approaching, I aimed his cock towards my chest and felt his warm cum splash onto my waiting tits.  It was a scene I knew DH would enjoy.  The mood among the three of us was light and carefree while I cleaned myself up and The Doctor put his clothes back on.  I think he was still a bit astonished by the events that had just taken place.

It was late, so we all retired to our proper bedrooms, but DH and I were far from ready to sleep.  The events of the night had served as a tantalizing and extended session of foreplay that would not go to waste.  DH eagerly removed the rest of my clothing and began to devour me.  Between kissing and sucking one another we exchanged breathy whispers of what had happened with The Doctor.  It was a night we would revisit for many nights to come…


T'was the night after Valentine's Day...

... and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Well, that's not 100% true.  DH's cock was stirring!
Our Valentine romance was delayed by a day due to work schedules and family obligations, so on Monday night, I decided to surprise DH.  I slipped into comfortable clothes, but I had on some peek-a-boo lingerie from the kind folks at The Adult Toy Shoppe hidden underneath!

We were relaxing on the couch, and began getting cozy.  I could tell that DH did not expect to find anything sexy underneath my lounging attire, and as his hands roamed over my breasts, he gave me a curious, raised eyebrow look.

As things heated up, there was plenty of kissing, fondling, and sexy talk.  When DH removed my shirt, he found this cute little number...

I have wanted an open cup bra for quite some time, so when Jamie from The Adult Toy Shoppe offered me an opportunity to sample a product, I searched for one.  Although I did not find an open cup bra, I did find this peek-a-boo set.

Peek-A-Boo Bra & G-String

Love this sexy lace bikini style ensemble and look your best for that special sexual encounter! The gorgeous delicate lace peek-a-boo style bikini top has decadent pink ribbon trim where your sexy nipples can peek through. The stretchy elastic straps allow for a comfortable fit. Sexy bows add a flirty flair!
The thong g-string bottoms are also lace with a stretchy elastic waist band, and is also decorated with supple pink ribbon. Stop any man in his tracks with this gorgeous two piece enchantress ensemble!
The panty stretches to fit up to a 38 inch waist and the bra fits up to a 36 inch chest.

This cute black and pink g-string and bra offer access to all my girly bits through sexy peek-a-boo openings, which DH and I liked, but the openings for my nipples are not quite as wide as the photo on the website indicated. I like this set, and would recommend it for cup sizes A-C.

Jamie was very helpful & patient, and my item arrived in a simple and discreet box. The website offers a wide variety of products, and I am sure my readers will be just as satisfied as I am should they choose to shop at The Adult Toy Shoppe!


The Traveling Man Mystery

Q: What is The Traveling Man feature? 
A: Business travel is a reality for many of us...and truthfully there is no better time to pursue a little-something-on-the-side than when you are hundreds of miles away from your significant other...so to that end, we have created a brand new service titled Traveling Man, which allows you to send a custom priority message to up to 40 female members in the city you are visiting. Simply tell us the type of women you are seeking by age, ethnicity and the location you want to meet in and we will bring the women to you! 
Best of all - you save 100s of credits, time and money; courtesy of your friends at Ashley Madison.
To view a receipt of messages sent to members for your upcoming trip, select mailbox then click Traveling Man.
Ah ha!  This explains SO MUCH!

For months I have been getting message with a suitcase icon as seen below.  When I roll my mouse over the icon, it simply says, this member is traveling to your city.  It never occurred to me to research any further, until I began to get so many messages from traveling men.

I began replying to a few of these traveling men, declining their obviously generic offers, before I learned the details of the feature.  It was thanks to one of the senders that I learned how these men were able to send a mass message to women who met their criteria. 

So, that is when I decided to add a poll to my sidebar.  Here are the results:

AM users: Do you know what the "Traveling Man" option is for messaging,and if so, do you like it?

Women: never heard of it = 11%
Women: heard of it and don't mind = .5%
Women: heard of it and dislike it = 2%
Men: never heard of it = 70%
Men: use it and like it = .5%
Men: know about it but don't use it = 14%

Well, I guess that the men who have contacted me do not read this blog!  The reason that I dislike this messaging option is because Ashley Madison is choosing me for these men, not the men themselves.  I would like to think that a man has read my profile and likes me and what I wrote in my introduction, not just my height, weight, age, and ZIP code!


Ashley Madison and the Traveling Man

Happy New Year!

I was recently faced with a situation on AM that I'd like your opinion on.
Please check out the poll on my side bar and reply if you use AM.