The Dirty Dancer. . . my 1st confession

The suggestion of extramarital activities became the topic of our between the sheets dirty talk for quite a while. It added a little heat to our already satisfying love life.

And then there was a night out with the girls in honor of someone's birthday. I got all gussied up, and even tried to look a little extra sexy. With DH's approval I wore CFM heels and bared my cleavage. He told me I looked hot on my way out the door, and told me to have fun, with a wink and a smile. I knew what he meant.

The girls and I had dinner, accompanied by a fair amount of celebratory drinks. After dinner we moved the party next door to a dance club. On our way there, we stopped in the parking lot for a smoke and sips of Patron from a flask. (I know, kind of juvenile, but cheaper the the shots inside!) Once inside we all had fun, and I consumed more liquid courage as I began to take note of the men in the club. I took a break to have another cigarette outside (something I only do after having a few drinks) and enjoyed a flirtatious conversation with a man who looked a little bit like Mr. Clean. I began to entertain thoughts of what could happen with Mr. Clean if I allowed myself to take DH up on his naughty suggestion. While I was caught up in these thoughts, Mr. Clean's attention was diverted by a hot, confident, curvy club-goer. There went that opportunity.

I later found myself separated from my friends, and dancing with a stranger. Dancing quite seductively, too. Dirty dancing in a way that DH and I never danced. And then it happened. The Dirty Dancer kissed me. I think I kissed back. I know The Dirty Dancer pulled me in to grind a little harder. The rest of the details from the club are a little hazy... maybe too much tequila clouds my memory... that, and the fact that nearly 5 years have passed since that mildly naughty encounter. Nothing serious happened. Just a dirty dance and a kiss. I think one of my friends saw what happened, but she has never said anything (too polite, I guess). In the end, I must admit, I liked it. I liked the feel of a stranger's hand pulling me in closer. I liked the feel of his breath on my neck. I liked being kissed my a man other than DH. I had done it. I tried a little extramarital fun, and I liked it.

I went home to find DH awake, waiting on the couch for me, watching adult entertainment on cable. He was eager to find out if I had indeed been naughty. I shared with him the story of my brief, yet thrilling encounter. Don't forget, DH had given me permission to be play outside of our marriage as long as I was open and honest about anything I did. I told him about The Dirty Dancer, the grinding, the hand on my butt, and finally, the kiss. What followed was a night of passion like we had not experienced in a long time. It was hot, tantalizing, powerful and all inspired by The Dirty Dancer.

And don't forget, this is coming from a self proclaimed goody-two-shoes who always plays by the rules...

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