The Nerd . . . my 2nd confession

Well, after having a preview at what might be out there and available to me, I admit that my sense of curiosity was aroused.

So one night after a work related function, I decided to drive around town a little to see where I might find some action. Mind you, I had not been out on the dating scene for more than five years. I had no idea what the bar/club scene was like for a woman like me looking for a man to play with. I drove around and around looking for someplace, and trying to get up my nerve to actually go to a club. Last time I had been out with the girls, but tonight I was flying solo. I eventually picked a place that looked busy and fun. I was shocked to find I had to pay a cover charge! I thought most places let ladies in for free - oh well. I paid and walked the perimeter to survey my options. Before I even had a chance to make my way to the bar, I was confronted by a young man who immediately struck up a conversation with me about nothing at all. He seemed awkward and nerdy, but when he asked if I needed a drink I decided to stick around for a bit. He flagged down a cocktail server so I could order, but then made no attempt to pay for my drink. I had to buy my own cocktail! Was chivalry dead? What happened to the art of picking up a woman? So, I bought my drink and once again looked around the place, hoping to lock eyes with a guy who would see the look of desperation on my face and rescue me from this inept Nerd. No luck. I was dumbfounded when The Nerd made a quick jerking motion toward me that landed a messy, lazy kiss on my lips. THIS WAS NOT WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!

I was too polite to run away, so I asked a woman nearby for a cigarette, hoping that The Nerd was a nonsmoker, who would be repelled by such a nasty habit. While it did not scare him off completely, it did put some distance between us, and I was able to feign a phone call on my phone, telling him that my friend was out in the parking lot waiting for me to go to another bar. I escaped without too much trauma to my wallflower-like ego.

I returned home to DH, who had not known of my last minute plan to search for some fun, with no tantalizing story to tell. No heightened sexual escapade for us that night. Maybe this whole idea was a bust, after all, I am a just a good girl who always plays by the rules...

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