Musing: reflection

Look in the mirror
and who do you see,
a fragment of someone 
who wishes to be
a beautiful person both inside and out, 
who's head is on clearly and contains no doubt.

Look in the mirror 
and who you will find,
a mixed  up kid woman 
who's dreams block her mind.
When reason will tell her 
to stop on the red,
but something else hidden
makes her plunge ahead.

Look in the mirror
and who you are now,
a naive young girl grown woman
that doesn't know how
to dazzle the boys anyone
or make others stare
but who knows how to love
and knows how to care.
Who is nobody for
this very short time,
but in a few years
her reflection will shine.
     ~ Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx

This poem was written by a classmate that I kind of knew a lifetime ago.  I found some old high school stuff while cleaning out the garage recently. When I reread this I remembered how it spoke to me back then, and it still speaks to me now.  I feel a connection to the girl in the proverbial mirror even now as a woman, decades later.

My apologies to those who clicked hoping to read something more salacious...

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