The Doctor . . . My 12th confession

After a day by the lake and a BBQ, DH and I were enjoying drinks and conversation with our friend, The Doctor.

The Doctor is an old friend of ours who went through a bitter divorce a year ago.  We witnessed the demise of his marriage from afar with perplexed looks on our faces, as this sincerely great guy dealt with things he never thought could ever happen to him. I can easily recall their wedding day, and he is in many of our own wedding photos, standing by DH's side.

That evening at the lake, before dinner, DH mentioned to me in private that he and The Doctor had talked about The Doctor’s new life as a single guy, and how he has not dated anyone yet.  He told DH that he’s not ready to date, but he also joked that he wouldn’t turn down a blowjob these days.  As it turns out, I recently mentioned to DH that I thought The Doctor was attractive.  This admission became the topic of a fantasy in the bedroom for us.  Little did we know that the fantasy might become reality…

Candles illuminated the cozy cabin, and a fire blazed in the fireplace as old friends relaxed and enjoyed the ambiance.  The three of us reminisced and chatted over nightcaps.  It was good to see The Doctor smile, laugh, and relax again after all he had been through.  He even talked about a woman who had come on to him a few days earlier. Things were going well, and our conversation evolved into playful banter and innuendo.  With embers fading in the fireplace, DH moved close to me and reached under my shirt to play with my nipple.  I knew he was testing the waters.  He wanted to see how The Doctor would react to the hint of foreplay. DH causally continued massaging my breast and complementing my cleavage, which I had put on display for our day by the lake.  The Doctor claimed not to have noticed my beckoning breasts, but it was hard for him to ignore what DH was doing, and the effects it was having on me. The Doctor smiled, and turned away for a moment, but I could tell he was drawn to our playful activity.  His response was encouraging, so I started to flirt just a little with our friend.

Then, DH began to get more affectionate with me, daring to kiss my neck and expose more of my cleavage. I was not immune to DH's attention.  I am sure my skin was flushed as I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation.  When I opened my eyes, I saw The Doctor watching us from across the coffee table with a bashful grin. I made eye contact with The Doctor as DH kissed his way down my neck to my chest.  He averted his eyes, so I told him it was OK to watch.  He replied with nervous laughter, which made me think carefully about how to proceed.  I could tell that his interest was piqued, but we needed to take things gently.  DH seemed to sense it too, so he let me take the lead.  The Doctor and I maintained eye contact while DH touched and kissed me. I used a come hither motion to entice The Doctor to join us but he declined.  I whispered assurances that he was welcome to join the fun, but he remained in his chair, enjoying the show.  The Doctor watched for a while, then DH removed my shirt and bra, completely exposing my chest, boldly kicking things up a notch.  The Doctor seemed to like what he saw.

DH whispered in my ear, "You should give him a blowjob."
"I would, but he won't even get close."

DH trailed kisses down my neck, ending on my right breast.  He lingered there, teasing my nipple.  I looked The Doctor in the eye and said, "It's alright, you can touch, too."

"No, DH is doing a good job on his own."

We carried on like that for a few more minutes.  The Doctor watched as DH lavished attention on my breasts and kissed me passionately.  I repeatedly met The Doctor's gaze, and again, tried to lure him with a come hither wiggle of my pointer finger.  Eventually, The Doctor moved closer.

He moved to my left side so that I was sandwiched between the two of them, and trailed a gentle circle around my left nipple with his finger. I let out a soft moan and relished the attention I was receiving from two men at the same time.  DH and I kissed as each of them held, squeezed, massaged, and adored my D cups.  I slid my arm around The Doctor’s shoulder and gasped when I felt his lips and tongue finally tease my nipple.  I cannot begin to describe the amazing sensation of having both breasts licked, sucked and nibbled by two men, each with their own style and tempo, yet harmoniously arousing me to a new level.  With my head thrown back and my hands rubbing their necks and backs, sexy moans and noises escaped my lips.

I was lost in the passion; thoroughly enjoying the way DH was sharing me with our friend.  This was a dynamic of hotwifing that I had hoped to experience, but never knew if it would be possible.

There was a break in the activity, and DH and I exchanged a look that communicated so much.  I knew that he wanted a to watch me with The Doctor, and based on their afternoon conversation, I knew that a blowjob was in order. I wanted to please him in a way that he had been missing for too long. DH wandered to the kitchen to give me a moment with Doc.  I positioned myself in front of The Doctor, looking him in the eye as my hand reached for his waistband.

“What do you think you are doing?” he implored.
“You’re not going to turn down a blowjob, are you?” I answered his question with a question.
“Will your husband mind?”
“Honey,” I called over my shoulder, “is it OK with you if I give The Doctor a blowjob?”
DH reentered the room, and replied, “Go right ahead, sweetie,” and then crossed the room to a place that I assumed would afford him a view of the action without intruding on us.

I unbuttoned and unzipped The Doctor’s shorts, then slid my palms inside his waistband and against his hips and ass to lower his bottoms.  My hands wandered and teased his growing cock through his boxer briefs.  I loved the look of his cock straining underneath the thin fabric, enlarged and hard from my ministrations.   Sensations of power and arousal consumed me and I focused my attention on him.  I released his cock from his underwear, pleased to see his 7 inches spring free.  I teased the head with my fingertips, then made a trail down to the shaft where I wrapped my warm hand around him.  I licked up and down his cock then guided him into my mouth.  I took as much of him in as I could, sucking and stroking his hardness.  I alternated between licking and sucking and using my hand to provide pleasure.  I could taste his precum when I cupped his balls and swirled my tongue around the tip of his penis.  For a man who had not had sex a quite a long while, he had amazing stamina and control.  When I sensed his climax approaching, I aimed his cock towards my chest and felt his warm cum splash onto my waiting tits.  It was a scene I knew DH would enjoy.  The mood among the three of us was light and carefree while I cleaned myself up and The Doctor put his clothes back on.  I think he was still a bit astonished by the events that had just taken place.

It was late, so we all retired to our proper bedrooms, but DH and I were far from ready to sleep.  The events of the night had served as a tantalizing and extended session of foreplay that would not go to waste.  DH eagerly removed the rest of my clothing and began to devour me.  Between kissing and sucking one another we exchanged breathy whispers of what had happened with The Doctor.  It was a night we would revisit for many nights to come…


Jim Young said...

What a wonderful story, and told so well! I love the moments I get to share my wife with a good friend of ours. It's such a sexy and special time. I'm glad your hotwifing has come to this point for you!

MrGotham said...


Very hot story, and a new chapter for you - a MFM encounter!

So nice of you to tend to the poor doctor's needs;) I'm sure you just couldn't bear the thought of him suffering without a blowjob any longer, LOL!


Me said...

So hot !!!

Gray said...

That was awesome! Such a lucky friend you have!:)

bdenied said...

so wonderfully written I thought I was the one watching...very erotic and very hot

artdude said...


Hubman said...

That's one lucky Doctor! And quite the vivid description, I can almost, almost, picture your tits :-)

Ron in Florida (Ronald10021) said...

God that was hot.
I wish I had friends like you.

Krazy said...

That was really hot girl! Glad you made the doctor happy, sounds like he deserved it.

Southern Swinger said...

Like all your post that was a red hot description of a very sexy encounter. We have always enjoyed threesomes. And I think the MFM are the hottest.

Playm8 said...

I knew I should have gone to med school. :) Very HOT !

Mike said...

I love your confessions! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your life.

pillowtalkpress said...

Alright - I am hot and bothered now...

I loved the
"Is it ok if I give the doc a blow job?" line ... clever and fun.

Maybe one day - for now ... I enjoy my mans touch too much to share. But you do paint a charming picture.

Florida Dom said...

You gave the doctor a good treatment. And you know how to write an erotic scene with a lot of sexy details.


Unbroken said...

So natural, so smooth, so fun...so AMAZING! Wonderful to see you back..and with one incredible post!! What an amazing way to enhance your sex life and "lift" a friend in the same evening. Terrific!!

Quiet Man said...

Your post sits there. Sits there for 11 days. I’m not going to read it. For to read it will bring back that oh so sexy image of you. The one in my head. The one that I have no reason to have. You’ve never posted a pic of you on your blog, and only seldom given brief, vague descriptions. Still I know that sexy image my mind has created, and I know it doesn’t do you justice. For your real intrigue is your sexy ways. And that post will surely reinforce them, and my desire, yet again.

No, I don’t want that previous image of you back in my head. I don’t want to be reminded. Not after the long breaks. Not after hearing just the start of what you, DH and Mrs. Unvanilla did. The teasing is just too much. Now, just when my brain has taken the edge off the persona, made it a bit less clear, found some peace, you have the audacity to put another stimulating episode of you life out there. Just for me to find. To read. To turn on my desire again.

No, I’m not going to read it. Not all of it. Just a bit. Is it as promising as is flaunts itself to be? I know it will be. I’ll have to see. But just a bit.

“cleavage, which I had put on display” Oh you sexy little vixen. Why do you taunt me so?

You flirted with him!?! Made eye contact as DH kissed you! You are trying to drive me insane, aren’t you?

OMG. It’s better than I could have imagined. You half naked, LOOKING him in the eye as DH excites you. The come hither wiggle of your finger. I’ll never get that image of you out of my head. I want to see it wave my way!

First time with two men. First time DH gets to watch. And you gave him a blowjob. I surrender. The images flood back in. Each confession, every post about your desires, your experiences, even your mis-steps. I love them all. You’ve hooked me again.


Confessor X said...

my god! what a great picture you paint...very hot sweetie!!

Suburban Hotwife said...

Thanks to all the readers who left comments! Your kind words and encouragement mean SO MUCH!

Look for a new confession very soon!

Quiet Man said...

I can't wait! You are so sexy. Thank you for sharing with us.