Kisses: a new confession

I love to kiss.

Part of the thrill of the chase for me is experiencing a new kiss. I enjoy the way a new lover connects their lips to mine for the first time. A good kiss can make the butterflies in my stomach flutter and send a thrilling tingle to my girly bits. A long satisfying kiss that sets the tone and mood is amazing.

Lips parting.
Passion building.
Tongues touching.
Getting lost in the moment.
Feeling them suck on my lower lip.
Capturing their lips in mine playfully.
Each person exploring new sensations as hand begin to roam.

I recently enjoyed such a kiss with a new lover. After a long break from any hotwife fun, I was thrilled to get back in the game! Did I mention that I shared this kiss with another woman? I have toyed with bisexual fantasies for years, but never found a suitable time, place or person with whom to pursue the fantasy. Now that I have, I must be cliché and say this...
"I kissed a girl and I liked it!"

PS: The night after that kiss I kissed another woman. This might be habit forming!


XOXO Wifey said...

Hey there Surburban Hotwife baby,

I totally agree: kissing is way fun and women seem to be a bit better at it - to borrow some lines from katy Perry maybe it's their soft lips or the cherry chapstick?

XOXO as always,


RIchard said...

A kiss. You feel that tingle...those butterflies in your chest. Maybe your heart beat skips a beat. Then when he takes you in his arms you feel his need for your touch, your breath. He touches your cheek gently with the back of his hand. He is looking into your eyes. You see his desire for you. It is as if there is a force pulling you to his lips. Then slowly, slow as the movement of the earth your lips and his meet. Tenderly at first...yet you feel that spark....that passion. He tightens his hug on you as the passion of the kiss takes you . Your back arches and you feel the heat through out your body.


Me said...

I love love love kissing as well. Can't have sex without a good kiss.

And I hope to kiss a girl soon :P

Arizona Marrried Couple said...

The right kiss is the key to my heart and the other fun places. It really is a telling art. I have kissed some really good looking men who just did not know how. Looks and size don't matter if the man is clueless in this area. Susi

Hubman said...

You kissed a girl? Now THAT'S a sight I'd like to see!

Let's hear more!

thedirtysideofus said...

I just tried it for the first time too and I liked it!

Kimberly said...

Mmmmm, colour me jealous! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!


A sensual kiss is the blinking light, a terrible kiss flashes red and the encounter stops.. a great kiss flashed green and off we go!! Kissing is the erotic indicator!!

I have kissed some really good looking women who don't have a clue... It usually stops there!

Great blog!

Another Suburban Mom said...

Once you've kissed one girl...then you are going to want to kiss the rest of them.

Wil said...

Details, we want details now.

jam said...

kissing can really tell you what someone is going to be like as a lover. omg i could get lost in kissing my FB. my lips end up wanting more. and more. as someone has already said details.

Vincent said...

hi new to blogging here. love ur post. the first kiss is the ultimate sensual connection, its that lovely point when ur lips tentatively meet, if its illicit its the first move towards deeper intimacy. hesitation - move forward - commitment - electricity - oh wow - the first kiss is usually the hardest to get - but once it happens - the doors it unlocks - i'll stop there :)

love ur writing