Ashley Madison 101: the plural greeting

Welcome to SuburbanHotwife's seminar for men who are hoping to hook up via AshleyMadison.com!

As my fellow bloggers Hubman and Another Suburban Mom (a sweet swinging couple) can attest, it is all in the introduction. It does not matter if you are a swinger, or looking for a little something on the side, if you don't use the right advertising techniques, you won't get lucky.

Case in point, I don't reply to men to use this in the subject line or begin their letters in the following manner:
"Hi Ladies! I am looking for..."

WRONG! I don't know if you can send an email to the masses when you are a full member on AM, but I for one do not reply to men who lump me into a group of potential lovers. Sure, I know you are probably contacting other women besides me (I do read Riff after all) but why make that fact so evident in your subject line? There is a simple trick known as "copy and paste" that would be handy in a situation like this. I understand that you may not want to take the time and personalize your letter to me to let me know you actually read my profile, even though that would score points with me (that could be a subject of a future seminar!), but a plural greeting will not garner a reply from me.


Southern Swinger said...

One of the first thing a therapist learns is the art of the interview. One of the simplest and effective techniques is reflexion. Here the therapist repasts back to the client what the client just said. Client: I get pissed when my spouse is late. Therapist: When your spouse is late you feel angry. This lets the client know you are listening and understand what is said. When SW and I advertise we say what we are looking for. When we answer an ad we look for couples with similar interest. " Your ad mentions you are interested in boating. We are boaters and have a sail boat. ETC. It seems some people go out of their way not to get an answer. Good to have you back.

Kyra said...

Ah, the "Hi Ladies" email. I forgot to mention that in my list of don'ts. Probably because I spent about as much time as they spent on me. Which is to say I hit DELETE!

m g said...

At first I thought you meant the profile,and was kinda confused. But I couldnt imagine using a form letter for a reply! How rude!

Wil said...

Reminds me of the old song...
Any fish'll bite if ya got the right bait,
Now here's a little story I'd like to relate.

Thank goodness you're writing again.