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After years of talking with my DH about being with another man, and my limited adventures thus far, I have learned that there is a name for all of this... hotwifing.

I had no idea that this was a topic studied and blogged about by SO MANY! My DH found a blog by a hotwife husband and wife and shared it with me. That blog has links to other similar blogs. I have been totally caught up reading about couples just like us.

These blogs have initiated more discussions between us, and reading the stories gets me turned on. I can completely relate to the fears, worries, and thrills described by the wives. I enjoy reading the he said, she said style of reflections that these couples share, and it makes me wonder if I should invite my DH to post along with me. I have even decided to slightly alter the title of my blog in hopes of getting more views and comments from like-minded people.


nirvana said...

Hi, thanks for the link from the other blog. My wife and I are also heading towards fulfilling our fantasy of her enjoying another man, and I'll certainly be checking in here everyday to see what I can learn from similar couples. Keep it up!

nirvana said...

Oh, by the way, perhaps you could include an email in your profile, so that we can share notes and perhaps give each other suggestions on how to make it happen.

Arizona Marrried Couple said...

Dear SHW,
We just found your blog and love it. We love to read the whole history of any process, so we just started reading 2008 posts and are trying our best not to read any of your present posts. Susi, has just begun to go out with group of female friends to enjoy the local nightlife without me, James.

I, Susi, have never really gone out to clubs, bars, etc. but I find it exhilarating even though I have not pursued any adventures yet. James and I have been married over 12 years and love each very much. We hope to follow in some of your footsteps.