The Italian Kisser. . . my 5th confession

I tried to make plans with some girlfriends to go out and catch a sneak peak of a new movie one night at the last minute when my DH could stay home with the kids. When neither of the girls were available, I decided to go out anyway, since DH was home, and I needed a break. I wasn’t especially gussied up because I was not planning on ‘playing around’ that night (since I didn’t expect to be going out alone). After the movie let out I decided to pop into a bar that was walking distance from the theater and have just one drink.

When I arrived, I noticed that the bar was a bit trendier and hipper than I expected, and felt a little out of my element, but surveyed the place and found a seat at the bar. I ordered a chocolate martini, when I heard a voice ask me some random question. I turned to find an old man to my right trying to strike up a conversation. Now, I thought I was out of place, but next to him I felt down right young! He looked older than my father! I like older men, but not that old. I tried to be polite, yet limit my end of the conversation as much as possible, so that it didn’t look as of we were together. I was feeling relaxed and began to check out the other men in the place, just in case someone struck my fancy. All the while the old man kept talking to me, so I decided to give up. Just as I was about to down my drink and bail, out of nowhere a guy positioned himself between the old man and me and said, “Hey, I’m back.” I was startled and bewildered, and I took me a moment to realize what he was doing. I burst out laughing when I dawned on me – he was trying to get rid of the old man for me!

His plan worked! We began talking and the old man left. I was feeling rather good – after all, I had the attention of 2 men at a hip and trendy bar! I realized that I was acting bolder and more confident that usual. I tried to be flirtatious and mysterious as we exchanged banter filled with subtle sexual references.  He asked me if I had ever tried an 'Italian Kiss'.  I asked if he was referring to a drink or himself.  I learned that he was indeed Italian, we once lived in the same small community and attended rival high schools, and he too was married. He stood very close to me as we talked, and I felt his hand ease down the small of my back and his fingers slid into the top of my pants. I made no secret of the fact that I was married, and inquired about his wife. He told me that he frequently goes out to bars at night alone just to chill. I shared that my DH knew that I was out looking for flirtatious fun, and asked what his wife would think of the fact that we were getting to know each other in this manner. Of course he said that she wouldn’t need to know, so I point blank asked him if he had ever been unfaithful, to which he replied, yes. I explained my situation with DH, and assured him that what ever happened between us would be shared in detail when I got home.

It was clear that we were enjoying each other’s company. The Italian and I had our arms around each other’s waists, and we began to kiss. At some point a woman sat next to The Italian, and the 3 of us chatted a little. She seemed fine, but abruptly move to a seat across the bar from us. We continued our banter and kisses, and I remember thinking that I was more sober that in my previous escapades, and I was taking in every detail. The Italian took a break to find a restroom, and the woman we had been talking to came over to me to warn me that The Italian, who she mistook for my boyfriend, was a player, and that he was flirting with her and other women in the bar. I thanked her for her concern and thought to myself, ‘If she only knew!’

When The Italian returned, I told him about the warning I received, and we laughed. He whispered in my ear that the only woman in the bar that he was interested in was me. I smiled and told him that he was welcome to move on to a hotter woman, and even began to suggest possibilities in the bar. We talked about their assets, but he always came back to why he would rather be with me. I admit, I liked hearing his compliments. He told me I was sexy and confident. I reminded him that I had been a damsel in distress when the night began, and thanked him for rescuing me. The Italian said, “I didn’t come over to rescue you.” So I asked him why he interrupted the conversation the old man was having with me. He said that he just wanted to meet me, but that he saw the old man was still nearby and offered to invite him back over. “No thanks,” I replied and we kissed deeply, intensely, and I was getting turned on. He slid his hand underneath my shirt and let his thumb graze my nipple, so I began to touch the growing bulge in his Levis.

We carried on for quite sometime right there at the bar. He asked if I wanted to go somewhere else, but I suddenly felt a little nervous. I had never gone all the way in any of my nights out. To stall things, I asked if he was ever going to offer to buy me a drink. So he ordered a round for us, and we resumed out public display of affection. I rubbed his dick, he teased my nipples, and we continued to kiss - deep kisses and light teasing kisses. The Italian had me really turned on, so the next time he asked if I was ready to moved our fun elsewhere I agreed.

The only realistic location was to his SUV parked near mine in a parking structure. We sat in the front seat and talked for a few minutes before deciding that the back seat offered more room to fool around. I boldly straddled his lap while we kissed. I was grinding my pelvis against his dick, which felt large. I kept thinking how juvenile it seemed to be making out in a car, yet slightly thrilling to be in a public place with a man who was not my DH. As things heated up in the back seat, The Italian and I traded places, so I was on the bottom, and he unzipped his pants and took his dick out. I started to give him a hand job. He lifted my shirt to grope my breasts. Next he moved my bra and rubbed his big, hard dick between my breasts. I used my hand to help. I remember thinking that this was a virtual stranger, a man other than DH, and I was jerking him off! His penis was longer than DH’s and I was enjoying the power I had over him at that moment. I helped him reach orgasm and he came on my breasts and abdomen. He was a gentleman and offered to find something to clean me up. I was feeling unsatisfied, and tried to get him to finger me, but eventually had to masturbate while he watched so I could climax. I must admit, that left me feeling somewhat disappointed with the experience. We pulled ourselves together, and he drove me to my car. We said goodbye and kissed one last time before heading home to our spouses.

I went home and woke up DH. I told him about my night. He was turned on by the fact that The Italian came on my chest. I relived the details on more than one occasion, adding spice to our bedroom activities.

During our time at the bar, I learned of The Italian's frequent hangouts. I admit, I have looked for him on a few occasions, and I fantasize about meeting him again, but in my fantasies, things go further...

I am still amazed by the fact that my DH is turned on by these nights I go out and play. The hotwife phenomena is something I never would have predicted in our marriage. It surprises me that DH ever suggested it, but I am even more surprised that I enjoy it.

I like the power I feel knowing that I can turn a man on.

I like the thrill of the chase.

I like the butterflies in my stomach from the first kiss.

I like having a double life that no one but DH (and you readers) know about.

I like telling DH all the details.

I like feeling naughty…


nirvana said...

Can't wait to hear more confessions! Enjoy your style of writing.

bdenied said...

outstanding story and love your slow exploration into hotwifing....keep it up.....

vsk witness said...

Great post. VSK has done the fool around in the car come home and tell me dealo a few times. Us men love our hotwives.

MikeCindynJoe said...

Welcome to our world (and yours too!)

I like your blog and your style. So much so, I've linked you. I especially liked your close to this post, starting with your first, "I like..." and ending with, "I like feeling naughty".

Yeah... I like!


Joy, Shared said...

I actually have a fantasy strangely similar to that. Perhaps I'll have to see if I can't have some luck with it sometime ...