The Pilot... part two of my 7th confession

background: DH and I are usually in frequent contact on my nights out via text messages. For some reason, I had no cell service in the bar for most of the night. I did manage to tell him that I was flirting with eye contact early in the night, and later that I had was talking to The Pilot as the night went on. Poor guy must have gone crazy not hearing from me much!

And speaking of The Pilot…
We walked arm in arm to his truck. He apologized that his truck wasn’t too fancy, and that the bench seat might not be too comfortable. I commented that there was no center console/arm rest to get in the way. He grinned and winked, then said “I like the way you think!” I suggested moving to a corner parking spot away from the main isle (a lesson I learned while with The Italian Kisser). Once in our new location, The Pilot thought it might be a good idea to put the sunshade up in the back window. Smart guy! I knew I was in for some fun now!

We sat very close to each other with his right arm around my waist and my left arm over his shoulder and around his neck. The Pilot pulled me in for a kiss. As our lips and tongues touched I realized how much I had been yearning to kiss him and be kissed. I could feel my heart beating in my chest and a flutter of excitement in my stomach. Our free hands lightly explored each other over our clothes while our lips were locked and our tongues implored one another.

And then he kicked things up a notch. So far, our physical contact consisted only of a handshake, walking arm in arm to the truck, kissing, and minimal petting . All very nice – which is why this next move seemed so bold. The Pilot skillfully used a single hand to unbuckle his belt, unzip his jeans and pull his cock out.

I pulled away from the kiss to see it. His cock was very hard, thick, and standing tall, begging for attention. I used the tip of my finger to trace around his bulbed head and then I kissed him again. Next I began to stoke his shaft. His lips parted from mine to let out a groan. A deep, guttural, open-mouthed groan that communicated so much: pleasure, wanton desire, and the fact that it had probably been a while since a woman had touched him there. I liked that I could evoke this reaction from a simple touch. I was enjoying his reaction. I was also enjoying feeling powerful as I thought about how I was the cause of his erection. His groans encouraged me to continue.

We kissed more while my hand continued to slide up and down his cock for a while. When we stopped kissing to catch our breath, I looked down at my hand around his shaft. I noticed that I could barely touch the tips of my fingers around his thickness. His head looked so smooth and large. I wanted it.
“You have a very nice cock,” I told him.
“I want your lips to touch it.”
That was all I needed to hear. I repositioned myself so that I could lower my head to his lap and lick the tip of his cock.
I looked up to see his face. His eyes were half closed and his head was tilled back against the seat. He was clearly enjoying what I was doing, which was a compliment to me considering I have just recently worked to refine my blowjob skills.
*more groans*
I opened wider and took his head into my warm mouth. He bucked his hips slightly. I took as much of him in as I could, which wasn’t too much because of his thickness. I knew that I was not ready to let him cum in my mouth, so I alternated between using my mouth and my hand.
“Does this feel good?” I whispered.
*louder groans*
“How long has it been since a woman touched you like this?” I boldly asked.
“Three months, I think.”
I went back to licking and sucking his dick, but finished him off by hand. His cum pooled on his hip and inside of his jeans.
“Sorry for making a mess,” I said.
He laughed and said, “That’s quite alright.” Then he tucked his cock back into his jeans and pulled himself together.
“I wish I could have put my penis inside of you,” he said.
“I’d like to feel your thick cock fill me up and stretch my pussy sometime,” I whispered. I sat up and straddled one of his thighs. “You’ve made me very wet,” I told him. “Do you want to see?” I asked, but did not wait for his answer as I unzipped my jeans and lowered them along with my panties down to my hips. We kissed as he slid his hands into my black panties, and softly touched me. I ached to feel his finger deeper inside of me, so I wiggled and rubbed myself on his hand until I felt him slip a finger in to feel my juices. I gently bounced up and down, feeling his finger slide in and out. I could tell he was feeling for my clit, but our positions were just not right.
I pulled his hand up to my mouth and licked my wetness off from his finger. He looked at me with a wicked grin and said, “That was hot! Lie back,” he instructed.
I complied.
“Take these off,” he said, tugging at my jeans. I tried to slip my right leg out of the pants, but they got stuck on the heal of my shoe.
“Sexy shoes are not always easy to work with,” I commented as I wiggled my foot out of the strappy sandal and the out of the leg of the pants. I didn’t even have a chance to take the other leg off before The Pilot was spreading my legs open wider as he went down in me.
Now let me just say that this is no easy task in the small cab of a pickup truck. We shifted and repositioned ourselves until we found the right angle, which included my pretty painted toenails pressed against the windshield.
The Pilot ran his tongue up and down my pink folds, and made circles around my clit.
“You are so wet,” he said. I felt him slide one, then two fingers into my pussy. I think he was earnestly trying to find my G-spot while his face was buried in my lap. I ran my fingers through his hair with one hand, and pushed against the dashboard to brace myself with the other.
I felt a small orgasmic wave shudder through my body.
“I so wish I could do this again, so I could slowly ravage your entire body,” he said.
Without making any promise, I left him know that I’d definitely be interested in meeting him again. I sat up and put my jeans and sexy shoe back on. Then I leaned over and used my thumb to wipe away some of my wetness from his chin, and kissed him, tasting myself on his lips and tongue. Again he told me how hot I was, and told me how good I smelled. I raised his hand to my mouth again and sucked his damp fingers that had been inside of me. This brought a sexy grin to his lips. I asked him if he thought his friend would be jealous that his date did not end as well. The Pilot laughed. “Tell him he went to the wrong bar,” I said, and that made him laugh more. Then we noticed my toe prints speckled all over his windshield, which made us both smile.

While he drove me to my car he mentioned wanting to see me again. I asked if he was available on a specific night. To my dismay he said that he’d be flying internationally during that time. I jotted down my email address for him and handed it to him as he opened my door for me and walked me the few steps to my car.
“I have a no strings attached attitude about all of this," I casually said.
"I sensed that about you," he replied.
"So here is my email address. You can save it and contact me whenever is good for you, or you can throw it away. It is up to you,” I said.
He kissed me once again and smiled as he said, “Good night, and drive carefully.”

I closed my car door and checked my cell phone. A-ha! I had service again! It was 3:20 a.m. I dialed DH’s number.

“Honey, I am on my way home and I have a story to tell you,” …


Joy, Shared said...

Alright, well, I can't say as you didn't warn me ahead of time.

It seems like five o'clock just can't get here soon enough today ...

Confessor X said...


"I was enjoying his reaction. I was also enjoying feeling powerful as I thought about how I was the cause of his erection. His groans encouraged me to continue."

Thats my fav line! Its a whirlwind of emotions bringing someone to such a state and you were able to capture that ohh soo well!

Playm8 said...


Playm8 said...

That was another incredibly hot post. Understandably you are one of my favorite blogs because on some level I live out my Hotwife fantasy vicariously through you.
Following your exploits makes me hard every time. Well done, and thanks for sharing !

RIchard said...

Excellent finish to a hot interlude. Loved this confession. Oh that lucky pilot!

Why can't I run into someone like you when I go out...lol

Kyra said...

As always I want to *be* you!

Very hot.

And I have a feeling a wing woman would have just gotten in the way! ;-)

suburban hotwife said...

Joy: It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

ConX: Thanks! Was part 2 worth the wait?

Playm8: I am glad you are enjoying these vicarious hotwife stories!

Richard: I am sure someday, somewhere, you will cross paths with a woman like me... the question is, will you recognize her, or will her outward, quiet demeanor fool you...?
(Why can't I see your blogger profile? I like to get to know my readers.)

Kyra: Yeah, sorry to say, but a wingwoman might not have been helpful this time... but you could have watched from afar...

Playm8 said...

If you have some time I'd love to read a post describing your husband's response to your evening with the Pilot.
On that note, does DH plan on posting his perspective on the same anytime soon?

suburban hotwife said...

If you have some time I'd love to read a post describing your husband's response to your evening with the Pilot.

Don't worry, Playm8, I am working on it!!

On that note, does DH plan on posting his perspective on the same anytime soon?

I sure hope so! He is swamped at work presently, but has a few days off coming up soon! I want to read his side, too!

Unbroken said...

Terrific post! I could picture the two of you parked in the corner and trying to maneuver in the cab. The pilot had a nice souvenir to take with him...your toe prints on his windshield! Cute!!

suburban hotwife said...

Unbroken: we got a kick out of the 'evidence', too!

RIchard said...
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Wil said...

On a cold morning, before switching on the defroster, your toe prints will reappear on the glass. Immortalized. But not in my truck. :-(

Meet ya for some Mexican food?

Maeve said...

That is fun that you can enjoye yourself with someone else and come share it with your hobby!

Riff Dog said...

Oh, I've been waiting for this one! Really, really nice and you describe it so well!

I think I've been going to the wrong bars all this time!

bdenied said...

The wife and I just finished reading this wonderful post together. She was giving you some knowing giggles and laughs as you described a scene she had with her fantasy guy. Its amazing how a pussy can be done in a cab of a truck. You are both experts at it. Love your blog and your hot wife attitude.

Mr and Mrs bdenied

suburban hotwife said...

Wil: I hadn't thought of that... I hope it will bring a smile to his face when that happens!

maeve: Thanks and welcome to my suburbia!

Riff: I had fun reliving it for all my readers to enjoy!

bedenied: I am glad it brought back fond memories for your wife! And trust me, a car/truck is not the most private, romantic, or spacious place to hook up, but it does represent the urgency and forbidden aspect of playing outside of a marriage.

Cate said...

Wow! That was very, very sexy! And I suspect that if DH has his way there will be more pleasure coming from this confession.

Cate xxx

suburban hotwife said...

You are right about that, Cate. I am working on a post all about it!

bdenied said...

SH.....you hit the nail on the head...Urgent is how she always described their sex.. Forbidden places, hot rushed passionate sex......raw.....hot...you name it....that is why I could never ever not see her doing another guy...its just to damn hot for her.

Bacon said...

Great story and well written as always SH! Lettuce's experiences are much more pre-arranged (due to our own self-imposed comfort and safely limitations), so it's nice to fantasize vicariously through your own experiences of this type - meaning going out and getting picked up by a stranger. Thanks for sharing!

Virginia said...

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