The Traveling Man Mystery

Q: What is The Traveling Man feature? 
A: Business travel is a reality for many of us...and truthfully there is no better time to pursue a little-something-on-the-side than when you are hundreds of miles away from your significant other...so to that end, we have created a brand new service titled Traveling Man, which allows you to send a custom priority message to up to 40 female members in the city you are visiting. Simply tell us the type of women you are seeking by age, ethnicity and the location you want to meet in and we will bring the women to you! 
Best of all - you save 100s of credits, time and money; courtesy of your friends at Ashley Madison.
To view a receipt of messages sent to members for your upcoming trip, select mailbox then click Traveling Man.
Ah ha!  This explains SO MUCH!

For months I have been getting message with a suitcase icon as seen below.  When I roll my mouse over the icon, it simply says, this member is traveling to your city.  It never occurred to me to research any further, until I began to get so many messages from traveling men.

I began replying to a few of these traveling men, declining their obviously generic offers, before I learned the details of the feature.  It was thanks to one of the senders that I learned how these men were able to send a mass message to women who met their criteria. 

So, that is when I decided to add a poll to my sidebar.  Here are the results:

AM users: Do you know what the "Traveling Man" option is for messaging,and if so, do you like it?

Women: never heard of it = 11%
Women: heard of it and don't mind = .5%
Women: heard of it and dislike it = 2%
Men: never heard of it = 70%
Men: use it and like it = .5%
Men: know about it but don't use it = 14%

Well, I guess that the men who have contacted me do not read this blog!  The reason that I dislike this messaging option is because Ashley Madison is choosing me for these men, not the men themselves.  I would like to think that a man has read my profile and likes me and what I wrote in my introduction, not just my height, weight, age, and ZIP code!


Ashley Madison and the Traveling Man

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