2nd Blogoversary!

I cannot believe that 2 years ago I was brave 
enough to begin these chronicles!

What began as a diary of sorts for DH has become so much more.  It is a creative outlet for me, and a place to 'talk' openly about my double life.  I have also been fortunate enough to become friends with many readers and other bloggers, a benefit I never anticipated, but have truly enjoyed!  Many readers remained loyal despite my hiatus and subsequent rants and PSA. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, leave comments and contact me via email!

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During these past two years I have posted confessions about nine encounters/lovers...
The Dirty Dancer
The Nerd
The Seducer
The Tongue Stud
The Italian Kisser
The Pilot

The Renaissance Man
The Tech Guy
Mrs. UnVanilla

So what do I have in store for 2010?
Well, there are a few hotwife endeavors I have yet to post about, and with 2009 quickly coming to an end, those confessions will have to wait until next year.  Cheers, and Happy New Year!

Mrs. UnVanilla. . . My 11th confession

Things are about to get interesting!!

During our time at the bar, DH was texting both of us to find out how we were and what we were up to.  One of his texts to me read, “You two could always come home and make out by the tree… so festive!” I knew that he was hoping to see a repeat of our kiss months ago.  Shortly after that, she and I bundled up to leave.  As she drove to my neighborhood I invited her in for one more drink, and texted DH to whip up some cocktails.  The drinks were ready when we arrived, and DH had lit candles and the tree was a glow.  The scene was set…

We sat down on the couches and chatted for a while.  DH was the one to get things started by complimenting Mrs. UnVanilla’s lovely cleavage, peeking out from her V-neck sweater.  She proudly thrust her chest out and invited him to touch, which he gladly did.  I scooted closer to them in hopes of getting in on the action.  DH nudged her sweater aside and cupped one of her breasts.  He motioned for me to touch also.  I looked her in the eye for a sign of approval.  Her sexy grin let me know it was OK.  We both enjoyed feeling her breasts and playing with her nipples, and her soft sounds were an indication that she was enjoying the attention.  DH was sitting between us, so he had a good view as she and I leaned in to kiss one another.  Our lips and tongues touched as DH massaged our breasts and rolled our nipples between his fingers.  In tandem they adjusted my blouse and bra so that my ample breasts were accessible through my own V-neck. The feeling of DH cupping and sucking on one breast as she squeezed and massaged the other one was delightful! 

To say that I was turned on would be an understatement!  I boldly shifted my position so that I could take her breast in my mouth.  What fun it was to swirl my tongue around her nipple and feel her full B cups in my hands!  DH was enjoying the sexy show put on before him, but he was respectful of her limits.  He and I kissed with passion as the 3 of us continued to play.  I decided that I wanted to see and touch more of her, so I tugged her sweater off over her head, and her bra flowed suit.  I licked, sucked and squeezed both of her breasts with delight!  There was a subtle and nice pattern of switching back and forth from DH and I focusing all our attention on her, to the two of them touching and sucking my chest.  Two mouths on my breasts at once felt amazing!

I slid my hand over her jean-clad thigh, inching closer and closer to her apex.  I was suddenly consumed with the thought of touching her pink folds.  As the kissing, touching and sucking carried on, my free hand continued to gently rub and squeeze her thighs.  She did not resist.  During a moment when we paused for air, I told her that I wanted to make her cum.  I knew that going any further than we already had would defy Mr. UnVanilla’s wishes, but I said it anyway.  She glanced at the clock and whispered, “I need to go, but you two should keep having fun.”  I protested, but DH helped her stand up and gather her clothes.  He walked her to her car while I waited on the floor by the Christmas tree. 

Just as DH had predicted, it had been fun and festive to make out by the tree, and he and I picked up where the 3 of us left off…

PS: Today marks my 2 year Blogoversary! December has always been a good hotwife month for me... as you will see from my next confession! 


Allow me to introduce you to Mrs. UnVanilla...

Mrs. UnVanilla is a friend of mine.  We met through work, and meet up for dinner and drinks, Pampered Chef parties, and the like.  A few months ago she and her husband invited our family over for a BBQ.  It was the first time the husbands had met, and thankfully they got along well.  DH did not know Mrs. UnVanilla very well up to that point, but in the months since that BBQ we have all enjoyed more outings together. 

Somewhere along the way we learned that Mrs. UnVanilla has a bit of a wild and sexy side, hence her nickname, UnVanilla!  Upon learning about some of her interests and activities, we began to share hints and tidbits of my double life.  Neither side has fully disclosed 100% of their secrets, but we all enjoy exchanging innuendoes on date nights.  Each husband has playfully groped the other’s wife, and she and I both like to flaunt our assets when we go out.

Perhaps I should mention that Mrs. UnVanilla is turned on by women as well as men, and I have recently rediscovered my bi-curious side.  In fact, she is one of the women I kissed a few months back (a scene DH wishes he could have witnessed!). 

She and I made plans to meet for dinner and drinks a few nights ago.  After a hellish week of work and holiday preparations, I was truly looking forward to a fun evening.  It wasn’t long before our conversation turned to sex, and I shared a bit more of my adventures (but not TOO much!).  I learned that although her husband is turned on by her wild side, there are boundaries in place for her.  I can respect those boundaries, but that dashed my hopes of having a partner in crime! 

We both shared that our husbands would be open to a FMF threesome with us.
Hmmm… the possibilities...
...but their boundaries preclude her from playing with a man without Mr. UnVanilla present.  Girl on girl kissing and breast-play are, however, allowed in his absence!

Things are about to get interesting!!