Time out for humor!

I have talked to a few other bloggers about the need for special occasion cards that Hallmark will never make.

For example, wouldn't it be nice to be able to buy and send a card that said...
"Congratulations on having your first threesome!"
"Thank you for sharing your husband's hard cock!"
"Happy Blog-o-versary!"
"I kissed a girl and I liked it. Wanna try it again?"
"You are invited to my orgy!"

someecards offers a wide range of e-cards with inappropriately funny messages, like these, and you can create your own, too!

I know that some of my readers stop by for my smutty intimate sexual confessions, so this one caught my attention-

Oh, and for those of you who were hoping that this new post was going to be one of those smutty intimate sexual confessions, stay tuned...


Musing: How kinky is too kinky for you?

OK, since you are reading my blog, which happens to include sexual content, I am going to say you are at least a little open minded when it comes to sex.  I am still exploring the boundaries of my sexual comfort zone, and while I am not as vanilla as I once was, I would not consider myself kinky.  I own battery operated devices that bring me pleasure, I have kissed women, dabbled in threesomes, been watched by DH as I performed a blowjob, and had sex outside of my marriage.  While these things may push the envelope for some, in my realm they are exciting and racy, but not what I consider kinky.

So why have I asked, how kinky is too kinky for you?

Well, I have been in contact with a fellow I met through Ashley Madison for the past week or so.  He found me, and right off the bat said he thinks I am perfect for him.  My AM profile does not reveal my status as a hotwife.  I prefer to share that detail in person, or at least after getting to know a man via email exchanges and chats.  He sent unsolicited nude photos in his third email to me, and he was overly excited when I revealed during a chat that DH allows and encourages me to seek sexual fun outside of our vows.  Both of these sent little red flags up in my mind, which I am acutely aware of since The Tech Guy, but since his face photo was attractive and he has a sexy accent, I maintained contact with him.

Our emails dwindled a bit after that chat due to busy schedules, so I was blown away when I read a message last night that included a suggestion of incestuous sexual activity. Whoa!  Where did that come from?!?  My impression of him immediately changed from 'eager' to 'too kinky' and I am in the midst of composing a polite yet firm email to tell him that I am no longer interested on meeting him.

So back to my question...  I know that deviant sexual behavior is on the rise (see related article @ ABC news ), but how kinky is too kinky for you?


Kisses: a new confession

I love to kiss.

Part of the thrill of the chase for me is experiencing a new kiss. I enjoy the way a new lover connects their lips to mine for the first time. A good kiss can make the butterflies in my stomach flutter and send a thrilling tingle to my girly bits. A long satisfying kiss that sets the tone and mood is amazing.

Lips parting.
Passion building.
Tongues touching.
Getting lost in the moment.
Feeling them suck on my lower lip.
Capturing their lips in mine playfully.
Each person exploring new sensations as hand begin to roam.

I recently enjoyed such a kiss with a new lover. After a long break from any hotwife fun, I was thrilled to get back in the game! Did I mention that I shared this kiss with another woman? I have toyed with bisexual fantasies for years, but never found a suitable time, place or person with whom to pursue the fantasy. Now that I have, I must be cliché and say this...
"I kissed a girl and I liked it!"

PS: The night after that kiss I kissed another woman. This might be habit forming!